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The Use Of Neural Networks For Financial Time Series Prediction
Rorie has been building and training machine learning neural networks since his university days and this artificial intelligence approach is now delivering some very interesting results in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

About two years ago Rorie had a moment of clarity and thought “Rather than try to reverse engineer the complex and constantly changing Google search results algorithm why not train a neural network on its live results data instead?”

So that is exactly what he did and after eighteen months of training and iteration the neural network is now producing some startlingly accurate SEO results…see GRO.TEAM’s Guerilla SEO package and Rorie’s Medium article HERE


Bigger and better!
I have made this CTO ¦ CIO Bible 2X “bigger and better” because reading the reviews of the CTO ¦ CIO Bible it’s clear that the people who bought it, broadly, felt either that it was great and loved its brevity, conciseness and focus, or felt that what there was of it was great, but it was too short and there just wasn’t enough of it – particularly in paperback book format.

Some people rather unkindly described it as a “pamphlet” which was a bit of an exaggeration for a hundred page book but “Lord of the Rings” it isn’t, to be fair.

Therefore this CTO ¦ CIO Bible 2 ex has been completely re-written, updated and expanded to be more than double its original size without, I hope, losing the density of the things that people really liked about the way the actionable insight in the CTO ¦ CIO Bible is “chunked” to make it more accessible, digestible and easier to recall.

Also based on the feedback on the CTO ¦ CIO Bible in this CTO ¦ CIO Bible 2 ex I’ve included more examples, checklists and sample plans etc. to help listeners really understand how to apply the concepts being discussed in the real world.

I’ve also kept the approach of liberally interrupting the narrative flow discussion of the MOST framework with top tips, anecdotes, jokes, book recommendations and quotes from successful technology leaders. In this audiobook they are mostly voiced by Ava so they are very easy to spot.

So whether you are a CTO CIO looking for a quick self-check, are hoping to get promoted to CTO CIO one day or are just a curious non technical leader then this audiobook has been created for you. CTO ¦ CIO Bible 2X Audiobook

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value"...

Albert Einstein


“These days Growth Marketing isn't about agency lunches…it's a Data Science...”


think do show book
think do show by Simon Edwards
The sort of Leadership Rorie believes in is very well described by Simon Edwards in his best selling book “think do show” (pages 87-88) when he says…

“Rorie was relentless in his intention to make Hailo a centre of Engineering excellence. Rorie not only wanted to build the best software organisation possible, he also wanted all of Hailo to work closely together…Rorie is the kind of boss you really want to work for, demanding results but always in your corner…”



Interim and PERManent



Companies Referenced As Using Golang

Google, Uber, Twitch, Dailymotion, SendGrid, Dropbox, SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple, Docker, The BBC, The Economist, The New York Times, IBM, Twitter, Facebook…
golang logo

Golang was also used to create the GRO.TEAM Neural Network that is delivering competitive advantage to GRO.TEAM’s SEO clients

Although proficient in a number of technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Elementor, Python, Kotlin, PWA Progressive Web Apps Rorie has been coding in Google Go | Golang since it was chosen as the primary language for the global micro services re-platform at Hailo in 2016.

Golang is easier to write and manage than Java, it runs faster than almost everything except C/C++ and because it scales across the multiple cores/CPUs in a server “out of the box” you can save money by using less servers.

Go is object based (rather than object orientated like Java) and has none of the fiddly memory management and pointer things you need to keep on top of in C++.

Because it compiles down to a binary executing it is as simple as deploying a file to a server and running it. There are no libraries, frameworks or interpreters to worry about. Go/Golang is state of the art for use cases like backend APIs and micro services frameworks where you want low response times and low hosting bills, but it isn’t really designed for the user interface layer…JavaScript is eating that particular world.


Reduced the IT Team cost from £55m per year to £35m per year whilst improving the team's agility and business impact...
Full Tilt Poker
Full Tilt Poker CIO
Created a Full Tilt branded Sportsbook Proof of Concept.





Rorie is an experienced SEO Growth Marketer who has helped accelerate growth for a number of businesses both in the UK and internationally.

He has strong experience in SEO and Growth Hacking as well as Product-Led Growth Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization approaches.

Rorie ranks in the top 15% of the 419,000 people that have taken the LinkedIn SEO Expertise accreditation test…
★ SEO Audits ★ Keyword Research ★ Sentiment and Intent ★ Long tail strategies ★ Site Taxonomy/Structure ★ On-Page ★ Pillar Content ★ Passage Indexing ★ Internal and External Link Building ★ Site Performance ★ JSON-LD Text usage ★ Reporting ★ A/B Testing/MVT ★ Behavioural Factors ★ Google Search Console Usage


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Rorie Devine's
CTO ¦ CIO Bible
The #1 Selling "CTO" Book on Amazon

Amazon’s #1 Information Technology Best Seller​

RORIE DEVINE is sometimes misspelled as RORY DEVINE but as a lecturer in developmental psychology RORY is much cleverer...


To Growth Hack is to take a different approach.

The usual Sales, Marketing, Product, Technology and Operations silos are broken down and a cross functional and holistic approach is taken to move the needle on one very carefully chosen growth metric.

“If the growth benefits of a growth idea massively outweigh the costs and/or time to implement it then we are growth hacking…”



Rorie Devine

My first love is rolling up my sleeves and working with clients to accelerate growth at the intersection of Technology | Product | Marketing…changing the growth trajectory gives me a huge sense of accomplishment…

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