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“When author Devine calls this book a CTO/CIO bible, he isn’t kidding. Devine has a plethora of experience in over twenty interim and permanent CIO/CTO positions, has been featured on the cover of the CIO Magazine twice, and has overseen three successful startups throughout his career.
His insightful book goes through everything you need to be a successful CIO or CTO, covering over 100 topics related to values, tactics and game-changers that any CIO or CTO can apply to their work.
In addition to being extremely informative, educational, and never beating around the bush, Devine wrote The CTO | CIO Bible in an entertaining and digestible manner, allowing you to absorb his lessons and advice easily and have fun while doing it. Without a doubt, if this book isn’t in your repertoire already, it should be in your shopping cart this year!”

The #1 CTO Handbook on Amazon

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#1 Of The CIO CTO Books on Amazon


The CTO book covers the really important things a CTO should know and do.
Sort of. It talks about what a great CTO should think and do and the best way of becoming a CTO is to start to think and behave like a CTO.
A good CTO maximises the positive impact on a business from its investment in Technology. A great CTO uses Technology to create competitive advantage for their business.
Yes using a Mission Objective Strategy Tactics approach will work brilliantly for a startup CTO.
The CTO book is a great summary of the things a CTO should focus on each and every day so it is a sort of handbook.

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