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 worked out quicker, better, cheaper for us…
At GRO.TEAM we haven’t had entirely satisfactory experiences the last few times we have commissioned Website/App builds through the traditional routes so we decided to “eat our own dog food” for this Summer’s website relaunch and asked an Interim CPTO to stand up a virtual project team to get our new web site built and launched.

Hand picked experts

from all over the world
The Interim CPTO assembled a hand-picked virtual project team comprising of UX/UI (Cyprus) Front End (Pakistan) Back End (UK) and DevOps (India) in late May and off they went.

Overall we have been very pleased with the results from using a virtual project teams approach…why not contact us to find out more?


Growth Services

Less than half the cost

And less than a third of the time
By using variable capacity world class resources like this the CPTO was able to bring the project in for less than half of the cost of our previous web site, and in about a third of the time as well. We’re still iterating the user experience but overall we’re very pleased with the results so far.
Our organic SEO impressions have increased by 350% and the organic clicks have increased by 750%!

SEO Improvements

Since launching our new site in June 2020 we have grown our own organic SEO
Impressions X 3.5

Clicks X 7 .5

SEO Agency Results

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