Scaling 10x in 6 months

Scaling 10x in 6 months

We were recently asked to help a rapidly growing online Gaming site in scaling their IT capacity 10x….in six months before a big sporting event…gulp.


To kick off an gro.teamer ran a two day scaling workshop on site with their very talented CTO and technical team and together they;


–  Created an agreed view of exactly what their platform looked like (which is not as easy as it sounds with a complex and rapidly evolving IT platform).


– Got a consensus on where the single points of failure and capacity constraints were most likely to be.


– Put these these common areas/functionalities such as “MySQL database” or “redis” on the wall.


– Invited all the participants to write potential mitigation approaches on Post-it notes and attach them to the appropriate area.


– Consolidated and de-duplicated the scaling ideas having discussed each one objectively (“no bad ideas..”)


– Grouped these ideas into things


(1) They wanted to do in the next six months


(2) Things to look at after that


(3) Things we would hold in reserve as “Plan B” ideas.


– They then used a “Planning Poker” rituals to get a consensus on t-shirt sized estimates for both effort and impact of the themes.


– It was clear by this stage what the low effort/high impact areas of activity were so they roughly sequenced them.


– Ta da..they had created a “plan” of how they would/could scale 10x in 6 months. It had been genuinely co-created and not imposed on anyone by anyone.


The feedback from the Tech Team was very positive..although initially sceptical (“we know what to do”) they felt that it had been an inclusive and creative process and they were happy to take ownership for an aggressive plan that they had very much co-created.


The person went to the airport very impressed with what they had achieved in two days.


On to their next challenge..please give us a shout for similar impact here