How to Make “Networking” *Almost* Fun

How to Make “Networking” *Almost* Fun

I had always hated “networking”…you know the ghastly stage at an event when you stand in a room of strangers, shuffle up to a victim, and nervously start up a conversation.

Given the high proportion of introverts in “Technology” I doubt I was alone in feeling that way.

The wonderfully wise Hilary Wilson once gave me a great tip on how to turn this chore into a productive exercise and make it almost (err..almost) enjoyable.

She said ..

“It’s not about you. Ask the people there questions..listen to the answers and learn interesting things…”

Think of it as a “fact find”..and as it’s not about you there is no reason to be nervous about it.

The more effort you put into it the more you learn..and there is little more valuable than that. want to make the world a more successful place. Person by person, company by company. If you need a high impact Interim to deliver your change agenda give them a shout for an informal chat.

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