Definition Of Interim From

Definition Of Interim From

Interim - Definition Of Interim

An interim is a person filling a role on a temporary basis. They are usually engaged to help execute a defined change – even if that change is to fill the role until a permanent appointment is made.


Interims tend to be chosen for the relevance of their skills and experience to the change that is needed so can be very effective and have a truly transformative affect on an organisation.


Example interim engagement – Hailo

“The change the interim brought when coming in as Interim VP Engineering was “truly amazing” and “we started to feel we were firing on all cylinders”


The “How To Build a Billion Dollar App” book by George Berkowski Head of Product Hailo.


Traditionally interims tended to be people towards the end of their careers but now people are making a conscious career choice earlier in their careers that they enjoy the variety and challenge of interim roles and prefer working on this more flexible basis.


Interims are performing roles across all major disciplines now – with interims in Technology, Finance and HR being particularly common.


Typical interim engagements last anywhere from 1 month to 1 year.


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