By default Google now creates "smart" campaigns that DON'T allow you to choose your keywords, exclude the display network, control the target landing pages or select exact match rather than broad reach...USE SEARCH CAMPAIGNS NOT THE DEFAULT SMART CAMPAIGNS TO GET A GOOD ROI...

Unless you are very, very careful and even a bit determined a new Google Ads campaign will cost you more money than it should and deliver less return on your investment than you need….follow these 5 tips to set up a Google Ads Cost Per Click campaign to drive traffic to your site most cost effectively…

The 5 Ways To Make Google Ads Work For You Are...

  • Create Search Not "Smart" Campaigns

    To make the numbers stack up for you on Google CPC (cost per click) advertising you need to select very carefully chosen words being typed into a search engine (and not general "banner" advertising).

  • Choose Your Keywords Based On Intent

    Think very carefully about the intent of the person typing the phrase into the search engine...for example...if you sell cupcakes for delivery a high intent phrase is "cupcakes delivered" not necessarily "cupcakes for sale"

  • Exclude The Display Network

    Unless your product/service is useful/interesting for everyone *all* of the time you need to focus on people typing phrases into search engines with focused and measurable intent as opposed to general "display" advertising interrupting people as they go about their business on The Internet...

  • Use Exact Match

    By default Google Ads encourages the use of broad match where phrases you haven't chosen are matched against your target phrases...these phrases are very broad and will generally bounce of your landing page at a rate of 100%...put the exact high intent phrases you want in [square brackets] to use exact match...

  • Choose The Words In The Ad Very Carefully And Use All Extensions Available

    Some words have been proven to work more effectively than others in Google Ads. Use words such as Boost, Energise, Empower, Overcome, Had enough, Never again, Fleeced, Reclaim, Turn the tables, Insider only, Paralysed, Delightful, Thrilling. Use all 1. Sitelink 2. Call 3. Callout extensions you are offered..take us as much search real estate as you can...

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Sample Google Ad For "Interim Management Consultancy"

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