Bad news – as with all other mark up elements in AMP you can’t just add the standard “web” JavaScript tag.


You need to add the AMP analytics tag below in the section *before* the AMP .js library so immediately after thetag might be safest.


<script< span=""> async custom-element="amp-analytics"


To add AMP page views and event tracking (only) to Goggle Analytics add this immediately after the body tag changing UA-XXXXX-Y to your Tracking ID.


Your Tracking ID can be found in

Admin Cog (bottom left) –> .js Tracking Info –> Tracking Code

(or your standard Google Analytics web page tags).


  <amp-analytics type="googleanalytics">
  <script< span=""> type="application/json">
    "vars": {
      "account": "UA-XXXXX-Y"
    "triggers": {
      "trackPageview": {
        "on": "visible",
        "request": "pageview"
      "trackEvent": {
        "selector": "#event-test",
        "on": "click",
        "request": "event",
        "vars": {
          "eventCategory": "ui-components",
          "eventAction": "click"

More detail on how to extend and customise Google Analytics for AMP can be found in this comprehensive (but quite technical) article from

Have fun 🙂

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