Are Developers Eating The IT Job Market?

Back in the bad old days there were lots of IT job roles.

We had people to manage Solaris (but not Linux) servers, people who managed Cisco (but not Juniper) kit, people who managed Oracle (but not SQL Server) databases and on and on…

Now it seems all we need is developers.

The most effective QA these days is automated via software.

With The Cloud we don’t manage hardware any more and with emerging approaches like Software Defined Networking the need or opportunity to get up close and personal with underlying infrastructure is getting increasingly rare…

Genuinely effective software that writes software is a little way off so I think the message is that if you want to enter or thrive in the IT job market these days add coding to your skill set (whatever your current role).

You might actually enjoy it as well…it really is a creative process and very satisfying.

If you’re going to learn one language learn JavaScript (not Java). You can use it on HTML web pages and on back end servers via Node.js.

If you’re more of a platform services sort of person learn golang. It rocks and is taking over the server side programming world…see here