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“A Mentor is someone who lets you see the hope inside yourself”
Oprah Winfrey

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The Differences Between Mentoring And Coaching


Can be part of a long term relationship
Done 1:1 online or face-to-face
Can look at high level ¦ big picture issues

Business Coaching

Can be time bound and for a fixed duration
Can be done in a group ¦ workshop setting
Can focus more on short term challenges ¦ goals

Mentoring And Coaching Quotes


Mentoring and Coaching Reviews

“I have really benefited from working with my mentor. He is never too busy for me and really does care about what happens in my career. I can't think of any other way to work on a career that is so effective. It really works and the ROI must be massive".
Barry Dunsfold
"I've really found the coaching with super useful. Their track record shows they know what they are talking about and you get straight talking and no nonsense goals."

Tolu Oduyemi
“I’ve been working with a mentor coach and have really appreciated and valued their expert advice. I would definitely recommend them for technology business leaders who want to progress their career."
Mark Tindal
Head Of Integration

A Focus on Mentoring and Coaching

GRO.TEAM takes mentoring and coaching very seriously and the results and feedback from previous and current clients speaks volumes for what we do. Here, we are all about developing your business and seeing positive results.

The highly professional coaches and mentors at GRO.TEAM put their experience and knowledge to good use and, not only provide top mentoring coaching support, but work with them on a personal level to improve specific skills, marketing strategies and anything and everything else in between.

Mentoring and coaching are instrumental parts of the learning and development strategy of many organisations these days, and have been proven to be effective in terms of engaging, development, and retaining talent.

But what is the difference between the two and which one is right for you?​

Mentoring is often done on a one to one basis and focuses on the development of skills one already possesses, as well as giving that individual the confidence in themselves and the know how to progress and take the necessary steps to achieving the end goal.
Mentoring is done on more of a long term basis such as to clearly highlight what that end goal is and give the mentor an opportunity to delve into things and be a constant source of assistance and support throughout. The mentor provides you with the building skills, knowledge and understanding needed to excel in your area of expertise whilst also taking an active interest in your all round progression, not just on the job.
It isn't just about professional development, it is about personal development as well. You'll have one to one meetings either online or face to face, and in this time your coach will give you advice, work through issues and find a way for you to set out real goals and achieve them with you. It is also really important you trust your mentor in what they are doing, which is why there are only experienced and diligent professionals at GRO.TEAM, there to make life easier and focus on individuals needs.

Then we have business coaching... But firstly, what is a coach as opposed to a mentor?​

A coach is very similar to a mentor, they share the same values essentially which is to improve and help others performance, whether it be an individual, group or a business but coaches follow a more structured and formal approach. This does not mean they are not all for creating a rapport with clients however. But generally mentors can provide more specific advice and where appropriate whereas a coach is more there to assist in helping you find the solution yourself.
Business coaching can be done in a group and is more focused on creating and achieving short term goals in order to effectively improve organisations in the long run. There may be a minute number of underlying problems affecting the growth or progression of a business but our business coaches use their experience within the role well to highlight key areas of improvement at any level, and pass their skills and knowledge on.
There may not even be any problems, a company may want to achieve their goals faster or see what they can do to become top of the market, and it is still certainly achievable. Despite the fact that coaching is done on more of a short term basis, the coaches at GRO.TEAM are hand picked to spend time one on one with the CEO, CPO or anyone within the company for that matter to discuss matters and work side by side with, as highlighted in previous case studies.


Everything you need to know...

Last year GRO.TEAM were invited by the CEO of a European airline to coach/mentor their newly promoted Chief Product Officer.

The CEO felt that overall the CPO was well regarded within the company but was struggling to…

Clarify the relative roles and responsibilities of Product and Technology.
Communicate effectively, particularly upwards to the board.
Meet expectations with general Product delivery.
Take enough personal ownership for delivery.
An experienced Coach | Mentor was carefully matched with the CPO and they duly sent two days together at the airline’s offices …

Together the Coach and CPO examined the CPO’s current context and perceived challenges…

Overall the CPO felt supported in her role but her challenges were that…

The company culture was more Project that Product based and needed to evolve.
She had a key skill gap and two under-performers in her direct reports team.
One of her teams was very old fashioned in its approach and needed to modernise.
The company needed to knee-jerk less and mature its prioritisation processes.
After the onsite analysis the person wrote up a playback that was presented to both the CEO and CPO.

Goals were created for both the CEO and CPO, and a date was put in the diary in three months to check on progress.

Three months later the Coach | Mentor returned for one day on site with the CPO to assess progress and things were pretty different…

The company was now treating new initiatives as product initiatives via the creation/early delivery and iteration of MVP’s.
Both of the CPO’s under performers had left the business and she was at the candidate interview stage for the key hire.
The “old fashioned” team had been on a cultural journey and had really improved the real and perceived effectiveness of their approach.
The company had improved the maturity to its prioritisation processes somewhat, but it was still WIP TBH…
These changes had set the CPO up for success much more effectively and she had…

Clarified the relative roles and responsibilities of Product and Technology.
Started to communicate much more effectively, particularly upwards to the board.
Created a small “Rapid Development” team to deliver business impact much more quickly.
Happily taken on more ownership for delivery now she felt she had more responsibility and control.
With quick wins delivered and short term goals achieved the and CPO relationship moved on to be one of mentoring rather than coaching and monthly remote catchups were set up to help the CPO build on her successes and continue to lead change successfully…

Fast forward to today and as the CEO puts it…”There has been a real transformation. The CPO is now a much more integrated member of the senior leadership team and is really helping to push our business forward much more effectively…”


What is Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace?

Coaching and mentoring within a business or company can prove to be integral for growth and expansion of not only the business but the knowledge and skills of the employees. The coaching mentoring relationship used to be exclusive to the role of company directors and senior managers but that is now a thing of the past and it is available to every person that may pursue it. Perhaps just as important, coaching and mentoring at work seeks to improve morale, motivation and performance. Generally coaching and mentoring at work proves to be popular among staff.

Both the employee and the organisation see benefits and it gives people a sense of fulfilment in achieving their goals whilst providing support in developing their skills. More specifically though, what are the benefits of each of them in the workplace? Well mentoring for businesses means you can get the most out of your employees and watch their progression over a longer period of time, enabling you to align the career path of an employee with their strongest skills for the business.

The mentor will form a relationship with a mentee, report with each employees progress and be available for any queries, meaning it is great for individual development of skills and performance. Having a coach in the business is advantageous just as much as mentoring.
Coaching can bring about a strong and competitive workplace culture with their range of expert advice and leadership. A trained coach can teach new skills with a clear learning plan and help staff solve problems in new ways.

When the coachee commits to learning new skills they are recognising that they can increase their value to their employer and find being coached is actually a catalyst for improving their performance and experience at work. It is valuable at management and training level and is an opportunity any business should consider.

What are the responsibilities of a coach or mentor?

We’ve explained the differences between coaching and mentoring, there are many similarities but they are definitely unique in what they provide in their own ways. The responsibilities of each however don’t have much difference as they are both seeking to improve something, more often than not it is the business, however one to one mentors, as you would imagine, seek to develop personal skills and take mentees under their wing providing the necessary information and resources to succeed. For coaches and mentors, the job isn’t just a livelihood,they care about what they do and seek good results, and rightly so. They are responsible for improving and inspiring the confidence and can-do attitude of staff and improving business growth.

The techniques used to grow your business include a variety of modern adaptation and critical thinking.

With each passing day the internet and the business world becomes more competitive and difficult to maneuver. So in order to improve the performance of ones business, we have to apply these changes within.

Growth hacking is a clever technique that is a strategy used solely for the purpose of growth. Behind any growth hacking activity is a rigorous and structured process and it yields results pretty quickly. It is incredibly useful to fairly new businesses as it gets them to where they want to be in a shorter time, but it can be useful to anyone.

Simply put, when it comes to marketing growth we’re at the cutting edge, and there is an array of finer details on the process and results on the site.As well as this we can provide you with top strategy consultancy. This involves working closely together to perfect a strategy for the business to exceed, and what’s more is there are no difficult commitments as the first day is usually to test the waters so to speak and get an idea of how much growth the business is capable of, but our team stops at nothing to achieve the best results when it comes to mentoring and coaching.

Why us?

GRO.TEAM are experienced in providing support to many large businesses and always take pride in their work. Coaching and mentoring with some of the best, including the likes of Amazon and Supreme is evidence of the valuable experience and qualifications the people within their role have. The support that the mentor and coaching team give to each employee, manager or business requires empathy, great communication skills and an openness to self reflect. But most importantly using their experience to highlight peoples responsibilities and goals within their role.

Change in the work environment is useful to any organisation and there is always room for staff to learn more and feed their need to succeed! To conclude, coaching and mentoring with our staff and techniques can be highly beneficial and is risk free, The development of employees in key positions can be pivotal to success, performance and efficiency of a business. With the availability of both a coach or a mentor you can fine tune what you want to change, improve or assist with.

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