GROW Coaching

GROW Method Coaching

The GROW Coaching Model Steps


Agree topic for discussion...
Agree specific objective of session...
Set long term objective if appropriate...


Invite self assessment
Offer specific examples of feedback
Avoid or check assumptions
Discard irrelevant history


Cover the full range of options...
Invite suggestions from the coachee...
Offer suggestions carefully...
Ensure choices are made...


Commit to action
Identify possible obstacles
Set SMART (Specific ¦ Measurable ¦ Achievable ¦ Realistic ¦ Time Bound) Goals...
Agree support plan...

GROW Coaching Feedback

I loved the GROW coaching approach and my GRO.TEAM Coach really knew her stuff. She helped me set achievable goals and made sure between us that we achieved them Thanks S.
Ritik Villalobos
Ritik Villalobos
"I'm so glad I started working with my GRO.TEAM coach she has helped me get my priorities right and plan the next phases of my career brilliantly. I would recommend it to everyone."
Marie Estevan
“GRO.TEAM were recommended to me and I have been really impressed with the quality and experience of their Coaches. They really have been there and done it and got a number of t-shirts..."
Mark Attwood
Tech Lead

The Difference Between Working With A Mentor And GROW Coaching


Can be part of a long term relationship
Done 1:1 online or face-to-face
Can look at high level ¦ big picture issues

GROW Coaching

Can be time bound and for a fixed duration
Can be done in a group ¦ workshop setting
Can focus more on short term challenges ¦ goals



A real world example

Last year GRO.TEAM were invited by the CEO of a European airline to coach/mentor their newly promoted Chief Product Officer.

The CEO felt that overall the CPO was well regarded within the company but was struggling to…

Clarify the relative roles and responsibilities of Product and Technology.
Communicate effectively, particularly upwards to the board.
Meet expectations with general Product delivery.
Take enough personal ownership for delivery.
An experienced Coach | Mentor was carefully matched with the CPO and they duly sent two days together at the airline’s offices …

Together the Coach and CPO examined the CPO’s current context and perceived challenges…

Overall the CPO felt supported in her role but her challenges were that…

The company culture was more Project that Product based and needed to evolve.
She had a key skill gap and two under-performers in her direct reports team.
One of her teams was very old fashioned in its approach and needed to modernise.
The company needed to knee-jerk less and mature its prioritisation processes.
After the onsite analysis the person wrote up a playback that was presented to both the CEO and CPO.

Goals were created for both the CEO and CPO, and a date was put in the diary in three months to check on progress.

Three months later the Coach | Mentor returned for one day on site with the CPO to assess progress and things were pretty different…

The company was now treating new initiatives as product initiatives via the creation/early delivery and iteration of MVP’s.
Both of the CPO’s under performers had left the business and she was at the candidate interview stage for the key hire.
The “old fashioned” team had been on a cultural journey and had really improved the real and perceived effectiveness of their approach.
The company had improved the maturity to its prioritisation processes somewhat, but it was still WIP TBH…
These changes had set the CPO up for success much more effectively and she had…

Clarified the relative roles and responsibilities of Product and Technology.
Started to communicate much more effectively, particularly upwards to the board.
Created a small “Rapid Development” team to deliver business impact much more quickly.
Happily taken on more ownership for delivery now she felt she had more responsibility and control.
With quick wins delivered and short term goals achieved the and CPO relationship moved on to be one of mentoring rather than coaching and monthly remote catchups were set up to help the CPO build on her successes and continue to lead change successfully…

Fast forward to today and as the CEO puts it…”There has been a real transformation. The CPO is now a much more integrated member of the senior leadership team and is really helping to push our business forward much more effectively…”

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