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We have high impact interims CTOs and CIOs at all levels available now! We have the best interim CTO talent on the planet...ex Google, Amazon, WhatsApp, Sky, Tesco, Betfair, HSBC, the BBC...

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Full time, part time, fractional, on demand, ad hoc, as a service ...

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We cover all, digital, finance, manufacturing, government...roles we have filled include interim CTO, interim CIO, interim VP Engineering, interim CTPO, interim CDO, interim IT Director...

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Startup, bootstrap, scale out, scale-up, mature, transformation...

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From £500-£2500/day

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We have deployed Interim CTOs in the USA, Ireland. Scotland, England, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and across the UK in London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Essex....

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We have been called "the best CTO recruitment agency in the world..."

“Our GRO.TEAM interim CTO had great strategic understanding and applied it in a very execution orientated way. He focused the team on both short term deliverables and strategic progress which was great to see."
Simon Payton
Simon Payton
“GRO.TEAM found us an Interim CIO at very short notice. I liked all of the people on the short list so it was a tough choice but our Interim CIO was fantastic. He was a real breath of fresh air and just what we needed."
Bobby Steele
Bobby Steele
Managing Director
“I honestly think GRO.TEAM are the best providers of Interim CTOs on the planet. I've used them at three companies now and they have always delivered for me.”
Claire Fuller
Claire Fuller

Interim CTO CIO

GRO.TEAM’s years of providing high impact interim CTO and CIO talent has given us unrivalled access to the top interim CTO CIO talent in Europe and across the World.

We know top class interims CTOs at all levels from “IT Contractor” to “CEO” level.

The sort of impact an GRO.TEAM Interim CTO CIO can have is very well described by George Berkowski in his best selling book “How To Build A Billion Dollar App” (pages 358-359) when he says…

“The change was truly amazing. Much of the shared frustration was removed as teams were empowered to get their code improvements into production…we started to feel that we were firing on all cylinders…it was truly a great time at the company.”

We only work with Interims that have been there and genuinely done it…people who have a demonstrable track record of success…

There are no long contracts or tie ins with us…easy in and easy out when we’re done…we work with our clients to get things done…we want to make the client’s people and teams better…

Ask about our “try before you buy” “temp to perm” engagements whereby clients have the best of both worlds with the rapid deployment of an interim followed by the conversion of the interim into a permanent employee for longevity and continuity…

We recently deployed a talented interim CTO for a software company in Buckinghamshire UK. After a month he was invited to join the company as the permanent CTO which he was very happy to do.

Another happy person and another happy client…

Interim CTO CIO Talent Like Us

Interim CTO

In this context Interim means an arrangement that is envisaged to last for a relatively short time until a permanent arrangement is put in place. In the past Interim CTOs were seen as “stop gaps” to “hold the fort” between permanent CTO appointments but these days the benefits of deploying Interim CTO expertise that perfectly matches today’s (rather than yesterday’s or tomorrow’s) challenges are better appreciated by businesses that need great execution today.
In this context an Interim CTO is a CTO or Technology Leader that is deployed by a company for a short period of time (usually 6-18 months) to increase the positive business impact of their technology team and spend.
Our commission is included in one simple monthly day rate x number of days worked invoice. We pay the Interim to keep things simple and clean both ways.
Interim CTO can also mean Interim Compulsory Treatment Order under UK mental health regulations. We don’t know much about that here…maybe have a look here for that?
If the stars (diaries) align the actual process itself can be as short as one day with the successful candidate’s existing engagements normally being the limiting factor.
Fundamentally we look across four axes….

1. Technology domain expertise and understanding.

2. Chemistry, cultural fit and ability to work in a team.

3. A business impact output “What” rather than an input “How” focus.

4. Great credentials and a genuine track record of positive business impact.

Many hiring mistakes have been made by focussing solely on technical expertise when hiring Technology Talent…
We really do know all the top CTO and CIOs in Europe and North America.  When he last checked Rorie had over 7,000 LinkedIn connections, the vast majority of which are fellow CTOs and CIOs.
All of the GRO.TEAM leadership team are still client facing Interim C level executives that really do understand their respective areas and know what good, really good and great looks like in their areas.
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Artur Grabowski
Artur Grabowski
Verified review
Can't recommend enough. Very professional and modern approach to the problem of business and team building in very difficult times. Rorie's perfect combination of experience and skills allowed us to unlock the full potential.
Stuart Nelmes
Stuart Nelmes
Verified review
Having worked with the team across various projects and assignments, it's always reassuring to know that the results are alway going to be delivered. Loana is great to work with, ensuring that the the projects are always given the right candidates to ensure success.
Nic Hutchins
Nic Hutchins
Verified review
Every now and again, if you’re lucky, you will come across a business that delights you. This is what you’ll find with Rorie and the team. Excellent in their chosen fields, easy to engage with and genuinely excited about getting you the result you desire.
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter
Verified review
We used GRO.TEAM to iron out internal issues with CTOs, they also helped us to revise our way of working and helped us with a very successful growth hacking campaign. They took us through a full consultation assessing what was and wasn't working internally - they also helped with internal mentoring for some of our staff. Overall - exceptionally good service and a fantastic business to work with.
derry oneill
derry oneill
Verified review
Focussed, sharp, incisive bunch of people - breath of fresh air . Be prepared to be challenged - supportively.
Simon Teppett
Simon Teppett
Verified review
Everything about is extremely well run - and Rorie is abosutely top flight. He knows his onions !!
Stuart Prestedge
Stuart Prestedge
Verified review
Rorie & Loana @ GRO.TEAM are extremely friendly, professional and effective. They take pride in ensuring that candidates are ideal for the roles which is a win-win for both sides. Highly recommended!
N Cohen
N Cohen
Verified review
Love the interaction with Rorie, Loana, and the team. Committed, professional, yet fun and engaging! the perfect blend for a successful 21st-cent tech business. Looking forward to working with you again soon 🙂
Ned Has
Ned Has
Verified review
Well, I have all the best things to say here, because the team headed by Rorie and Rorie are the best people to work with. People are hand picked high achievers of the new age, and there is so much to learn from them. They take on complex missions and next thing you know it's on the national news.
Ritchie Williamson
Ritchie Williamson
Verified review
I had the pleasure of working with Gro -Team. Rorie Devine was very professional in helping me find someone that can support my business. Would definitely recommend anyone looking for key skills to help support your business or startup.
Amazon’s #1 Information Technology Best Seller​
Amazon #1 Bestseller
Amazon #1 Information Technology Best Seller


Get the skinny on everything INTERIM CTO...
A London based start up had attracted significant Series A funding and needed to take things to the next level…

Their web site had been built by an external agency and they had no internal technical people within the company. A GRO.TEAM person was brought in (part time) to act as Interim CTO and create an in-house technology capability.

During the first 90 days our GRO.TEAM interim:

– Clarified and documented the business strategy and KPIs (the “What”).

– Created a draft technology strategy (the “How”) and then created an API and Platform based Technology evolution strategy.

– Formed a strategic partnership with a recruitment agency.

– Hired a small but great team of in-house developers.

– Took ownership and control of the company’s web site and migrated it to GitHub and Google Cloud.

– Implemented task and product roadmap based workflow and reporting.

– Launched a workplace social collaboration system.

– Improved the web site download speed and took significant friction out of the web site customer experience.

– Initiated major product initiatives in both mobile and brand monetisation.

– Identified, hired and on-boarded a permanent CTO before handing over the baton and moving on to their next challenge.

As the CEO put it…”what a difference one “year” can make ha ha..”

By working closely and regularly with customers, delivering early, iterating ideas and working cross-functionally towards a common goal Agile software development transformed the business of creating software.

Agile development massively increased the value delivered by the typical software development project by favouring “individuals and interactions” over specification, “working software” over pretty much everything, “customer collaboration” over contract negotiations and “responding to change” over blindly following a plan…
What would happen if we used these “Agile” principles to deliver Growth rather than Software?!?

We could favour “customer collaboration” and “individuals and interactions” by forming a cross functional Growth team including both “customers” and “suppliers”.

We should include representatives from Product, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Operations, Finance and so on…

We could favour “working software” or Growth in our case by giving the team the single unifying purpose of growing a carefully chosen growth metric.

The Growth Team could be “responding to change” rather than a plan by delivering early and taking a measure-act-measure approach to ideas through “on ramp” to “live” stages.

The Growth Team could communicate and meet regularly, maybe a quick “stand up” at the same time and place every day would work really well.

We could work to a weekly or fortnightly rhythm with the cumulative affects of the growth activities on the Growth metric being publicly demonstrated (and hopefully celebrated) at the end of every cycle or “sprint”.

So we have created a cross-functional team meeting regularly with the unified common purpose of doing anything and everything necessary to measure-act-measure the impact of their ideas on a single carefully chosen growth metric.

That’s cool but…

Maybe we could give this sort of approach a name…like Growth Hacking or something?

Yes Growth Hacking is the sort of term that means different things to different people but anyone familiar with Agile software development will be struck by the similarities between the approaches, rituals and rhythms typically used in both Growth Hacking and Agile Software Development.

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr
Does it all work in the real world?


The same underlying principles that make Agile software development so effective also mean Growth Hacking can totally transform the effectiveness of a company’s growth activities.

I recently spent a day with the talented team at a well backed UK based energy startup called Hometree who are creating a great brand by disrupting the domestic energy market customer experience.

We had a really productive workshop where we honestly examined the Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats in their current growth landscape, discussed and then selected initial and ultimate growth metrics, collected growth ideas, created a growth board, reconstituted the growth team and set up the new team’s rituals and rhythms.

Not bad for one day and Andreu Tobella Brunet the Co-Founder of Hometree UK commented…

“As a start-up that is using an innovative way to sell online, we created a growth team from scratch but were having a few challenges to structure it well and have clear objectives and team alignment. This is where Rorie stepped in and helped us understand well all the roles, define our single metric and create a high performing growth team. The whole team was extremely pleased with the improvements, I would highly recommend him”.
Whether you call it Growth Hacking or something else, a very effective way of accelerating your growth is to learn from agile software development and to create a cross-functional team meeting regularly with the unified common purpose of doing anything and everything necessary to measure-act-measure the impact of their ideas on a single carefully chosen growth metric.

A virtual project team approach worked out quicker, better, cheaper for us…

At GRO.TEAM we haven’t had entirely satisfactory experiences the last few times we have commissioned Website/App builds through the traditional routes so we decided to “eat our own dog food” for this Summer’s website relaunch and asked an Interim CPTO to stand up a virtual team to get our new web site built and launched.

The Interim CPTO assembled a hand-picked virtual project team comprising of UX/UI (Cyprus) Front End (Pakistan) Back End (UK) and DevOps (India) in late May and off they went.

Here we are in early July and the site MVP has been live for a week or so now.

By using variable capacity world class resources like this the CPTO was able to bring the project in for less than half of the cost of our previous web site, and in about a third of the time as well.

We’re still iterating the user experience but overall we’re very pleased with the results so far, please see what you think here.

Next time you want to launch an App/Site maybe you should give GRO.TEAM a shout to look using a virtual project team approach?

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