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Talent Acquisition

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Talent Acquisition

What Are Your Talent Acquisition Needs?

Temporary ¦ Interim

The provision of high impact interim talent is why GRO.TEAM was started and we're still the best in the market at it. Give us a shout to get the talent you need... Need an Interim CTO? Great... Need someone to start tomorrow? No problem Need someone who can steady the ship after an abrupt departure? No problem Need someone to turn round a team that has developed a poor culture and approach? No problem

Permanent Employees

Our Chief Talent Officer Loana is one of the best talent finders in the world...however picky your requirements are if anyone can find the perfect person or team for you Loana can. Loana was recently asked to find a CTO for a small company that is based in a Spanish holiday resort. Umm....they also wanted  a fluent Spanish speaker as well of course. Within a week Loana found someone that was actually from the resort in question  and was currently working at Google in Ireland. They were back in the sunshine within weeks...

Flexible ¦ Ad Hoc

Need a specific skill set for a temporary time period?  No worries. Deploying variable capacity talent can be quicker, better and cheaper than any other way of getting something done. This web site was built by a virtual team of interims ¦ contractors led by an Interim CTO. The Interim CTO assembled a virtual team consisting of DevOps (India) Content Management Platform (Pakistan) UX (Cyprus) and Video (Turkey). The fact that the experts only charged for the work they did (and were based in off shore locations) meant that the web site was built in less than 50% of the time and cost that were quoted by traditional suppliers. Give us a shout to find out more...

Talent Acquisition Reviews

“Our GRO.TEAM interim CTO had great vision and blended this with his experience of leading people and transforming technology architecture to add business value."
Mike Phillips
“GRO.TEAM helped bring urgency, clarity and delivery to one of our business critical initiatives working *with* us not *for* us. I would definitely recommend them."
Robin Spira
“GRO.TEAM have been amazing. They have been really customer focused and have connected us with someone with very deep experience in the areas we need. They have shared the cost savings from remote working with us so they are actually very cost effective as well…”
Loraine Bautista

What is Talent Acquisition?

It is what it says on the tin, but there is much more to it than that. See it is easy to be confused with recruitment which, again, is what we don’t like to refer to ourselves as because they are different. The talent acquisition strategy is the process of finding experts, leaders or future executives for companies with open positions. The team have a better understanding of what the business is looking for in the long run and assists with building relationships between their employees and the organization.

The Lowdown on Talent Acquisition

For some it is an essential part of business sourcing the best talent, and rightly so. Key positions such as management role jobs require certain skills and it is important to identify what the candidate brings to the table. As well as this it is important the individuals ambitions are in line with the company and they are suited to the job and company culture, so hopefully there is a long term career in it.

The hiring approach is there to help businesses and candidates alike grow. It isn’t just for long term careers either, the talent acquisition team also search for the top people even if it’s for interim employment or if a company is in need of some flexible staff.

In a corporate setting it is often placed under the human resources umbrella as it covers everything from attracting potential candidates to hiring the perfect ones. The hr department is responsible for the management of staff and that’s what they have to do. Everything in between such as training and exchanging correspondence is dealt with by the talent acquisition teams. However the bulk of the team relies on the recruiters.

A talent acquisition jobs description simply put is understanding workforce planning and resource forecasting by working with the resourcing team to feed into recruitment timelines.

What do our talent acquisition customers think?

Talent Acquisition Recruitment

What's the Difference?

So at this point you are probably wondering what the key differences are between recruitment and talent acquisition. We’ve already explained what each are but there are some key differences when you look into it. Recruitment is about filling vacancies, and doesn’t focus too much on the bigger picture. But as mentioned in the first paragraph talent acquisition is strategic and there are steps towards recruiting and onboarding of staff. More specifically GRO.TEAM seeks to meet the exact needs of the company, no matter what they need or when they need them to start.

Talent acquisition teams are professionals in every thing they do so unlike recruitment they may use certain software to streamline or automate their workflow. TA software is designed to support a variety of recruiting functions. The big difference though is that recruitment is a subset of talent acquisition. The terms are often used synonymously but are actually different concepts. The other subsets include sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessing, selecting and hiring.

Also a recruiter doesn’t look too far beyond a candidates CV as they are only interested in relevant experience and educational background whereas talent acquisition teams will look for top talent regardless of where it comes from.

Why is it So Important?

The talent acquisition process is so important because it involves a team of people working together to be effective in finding successful and talented individuals for open positions at big and small companies. Recruitment is not an easy process by any means and companies need to know they are hiring the best people for the job.

If it were not for talent acquisition, talent would be much harder to find. Companies would have to resort to hiring themselves which could take too much time or use standard recruitment strategies which would offer a temporary solution however may stunt development and become difficult to manage.

Talent acquisition is particularly important for industries such as Technology/IT, law and medicine. The reason for this being that there are an array of roles within those industries seeking specific skills and someone with a bright future and opportunity to progress. They are all quite competitive recruitment industries as well so having a middle man to deal with the tricky bits makes every step simple and keeps everyone happy.


Is it a Good Career Choice?

Working as part of a talent acquisition team usually offers great benefits and opportunities. As with any recruitment and talent finding team, the responsibilities make it quite rewarding in the long run and creates the chance to build a network of contacts. In fact that is a large part of the job. As long as you are comfortable cultivating and maintaining relationships, especially across jobs, industries, and personality types, then it could be the job for you. Someone that thrives in a constantly evolving and and challenging environment would probably relish the opportunity.

People based in talent acquisition will generally tell you it’s an amazing career. Another perk which you might not think about is the conversations with people from all different jobs and backgrounds you have. Continuously training and growing in the field of talent acquisition requires you to engage in conversations with complex professions and once you are used to it, it becomes as easy as tying your lace. It is definitely an added benefit as well knowing that, as a talent acquisition, one conversation can change someones life forever, and it could be you providing them with that dream job. So the social benefits of talent acquisition are certainly what stand out. It is a solid career path and actually fun, which is more than can be said for most jobs. If you truly practice talent acquisition, it would be difficult to get bored. 

What's the Best Route into Talent Acquisition?

Like recruitment the job has different routes of entry. The most logical one being through university though. More specifically a degree in human resources will be most useful as you can stick to that theme. However In talent acquisition no one cares which college degree you have, they care that you are good at hiring. The reality is they shouldn’t even care if you go to university but most corporate recruiter jobs will require it. Corporate TA departments will rarely hire at entry level, as it is likely they don’t have the knowledge, processes, and capacity to train recruiters, which is why you need to get experience on the agency side of recruiting. Another key skill needed for talent acquisition is high energy/ motivation, so when interviewing for the job it is important to put this across.

The reason for the obviously being because it is still similar to a sales environment and it’s competitive. Agency recruiting is known to be cut throat early on but anyone that candle that will find themselves with valuable experience. So working your way up there without a degree may be difficult at first but once you have some experience in the agency world you’ll be a valuable asset on the corporate side of talent acquisition. Of course this means putting in the enthusiasm and hard labour early on.

Talent Acquisition

Who/What is Talent Acquisition for?

In summary talent acquisition is undoubtedly useful for any company that needs to fill open vacancies. More importantly if your company is expecting huge or rapid growth in the coming months or years then finding the right talent is imperative to help the company reach its desired goals.

Cue the talent acquisition team. Also any company within a specific industry such as the ones mentioned previously or even law or marketing, can benefit hugely from it as they can find the top talent in next to no time. Hiring managers or any other top positions can be painstaking but talent acquisition teams make finding the right person for the job stress free. So any company that meets any of the criteria could indefinitely see long term results through exploiting the skills of those in human resources and talent acquisition.

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