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We charge a flat fee of 20% of the candidate’s first year package getting you TOP talent for MID market rates…

If you have a couple of months you could use LinkedIn or whatever to source the talent you need but it takes a LONG time and takes a lot of effort. We’ve already done that bit for you though so we already know the best talent that is available in the market right now and can get them in front of you right away. With us you get the RIGHT talent RIGHT now…we think that is more than worth 20% of a candidate’s first year package…

Because talent acquisition does not a recruitment company make! Alongside our other BUSINESS GROWTH competencies we help companies GROW by sourcing the talent they need as part of a more holistic approach to GROWTH. Our CEO is still a jobbing Interim CTO so we look at the talent market from the inside bottom up rather than top down from the outside sales target driven…

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Recruitment Consultant Reviews

“Our GRO.TEAM interim CTO had great vision and blended this with his experience of leading people and transforming technology architecture to add business value."
Mike Phillips
“GRO.TEAM helped bring urgency, clarity and delivery to one of our business critical initiatives working *with* us not *for* us. I would definitely recommend them."
Robin Spira
“GRO.TEAM have been amazing. They have been really customer focused and have connected us with someone with very deep experience in the areas we need. They have shared the cost savings from remote working with us so they are actually very cost effective as well…”
Loraine Bautista

What is a Recruitment Consultant?

A typical recruiting consultant assists employers select and recruit staff for their vacancies, and help individuals find and gain employment or even work experience. Recruiting consultants are in high demand these days as recruitment in general is an extremely competitive and growing market. Despite this, many get a bad reputation perhaps due to the persistent and persuasive nature required to be a consultant. Part of the job requires cold calling in order to get clients and candidates and it can be a useful technique. GRO.TEAM are different however, we are not just a recruitment agency. Our talent acquisition team source the best people and find most suitable candidate for the the company and focus on internal recruitment. Why? We believe that matching internal candidates with the roles that fit the personality and skills can be more beneficial as it is likely they will stay at the company for a while and increases the employee retention. It can also save time and money on training as the employee will be familiar with the organisation and culture and have some relevant experience. Internal hiring is also beneficial for business development for the same reasons.

Recruitment consultancy is also a great opportunity for career progression of the individual as well as the growth of the business. It isn’t an easy job though, candidates require a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication to their work as well as the necessary skills. Building relationships with clients, headhunting and screening and interviewing are just a short few of the many responsibilities of the job. Having a competitive yet amiable working environment though is part of what makes the job desirable as well.

Is being a Recruitment Consultant a good career?

In most sectors, a typical recruiter in the UK will normally earn 30-35% of what they bill annually. The percentage is made up of their basic salary, commission and any quarterly or annual bonuses/reconciliations

Enthusiastic candidates can see themselves earn a hefty commission but it also requires good sales skills and confidence. Career progression is definitely an advantage of the industry.

Have you heard of a job where you can get promoted three times in a year? Chances are you have not, yet it can happen in recruitment.

Clear targets make progression easily achievable if you are willing to knuckle down, and why not when you can add to your salary. Despite being a sales environment, the job entails helping candidates secure the job they have been hoping for, and that can be very rewarding too.

International travel and other incentives such as paid meals and trips are on the table for consultants that do exceptionally well too, as it can be part of job, but most are national based. Strictly speaking it is definitely a good career but it highly depends on the person and whether they are willing to put in the hours and the hard work.

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What makes a Successful Recruitment Consultant?

Potential recruitment consultants must be able to demonstrate:

Potential recruitment consultants must be able to demonstrate:

Excellent sales, networking and client development abilities.

A passionate desire to succeed and build a successful career.

Proven resilience and a positive attitude to overcoming challenges

These are perhaps the most valuable skills and traits that make up a successful consultant. The reason a recruiting consultancy requires people with these skills is because it is often a permanent position. A professional consultant has the opportunity for great pay, benefits and it is great for business development. They have to provide advice and support to both the companies and candidates based on salary, training requirements and career opportunities. They are the vital link between the two. Further more the responsibilities include organizing interviews and creating a shortlist of candidates specific for the role. There is a lot to learn if you are new to it but you may enjoy it if you enjoy a challenge.

What makes a Recruitment Consultant?

A degree in subjects such as human resources, marketing or business management is certainly advantageous. Nonetheless there are routes for any graduates or even school leavers into the recruiter consultant position. For specialist recruitment agencies a degree related to its specialism such as engineering or law may be required though, as well as appropriate experience. There is strong competition at graduate level, so candidates may need more than just good people skills. People always need new jobs though, so thankfully there will always be opportunities however in places such as London it will be more competitive. Entry is possible without a degree or diploma providing the candidate has experience and demonstrates the skills requires for the clients business. Work training and formal courses will likely be given to you when start working as a recruitment consultant. Recruitment careers offer great opportunities to advance in your work so if you are willing to apply yourself you could one day work for a top recruitment consultants.

Our 'Recruitment Consultant' team

Our team are full fledged philanthropists. They donate their time, skills and experience help not only businesses but people. They provide both the clients and candidates with necessary details and information and support. Regardless of location they search for and find the most suitable people in that sector and fast and have them integrated and working in no time. Just check out our media, the service on offer and of course the top reviews from consultants and candidates.

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GRO.TEAM Business Growth Agency

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