Despite huge time and effort a successful comparison site had not been able to find the “perfect” CTO.

They couldn’t wait any longer so they brought a gro.teamer in to get things moving…

 The issues facing the IT Team are not atypical of a team at that stage of it’s development, and the first impression was that although currently being held back by over-commitment, immature processes and a relative lack of experience (in some areas) the IT team had huge potential – and was capable of taking things up to a much higher performance level.

Of course, an IT team always needs to be executing against an IT strategy that both informs and is informed by the business strategy. This needed to be created , maintained and evolved.

The current IT team structure had evolved organically, and needed to be modified in order to really drive higher company growth.

Although still in transition, the software development process  needed reviewing in order to ensure it is as productive, consistent and efficient as it should be.

Overall the IT team appeared to have a good culture and more than its fair share of talented people.

There were significant indicators to be optimistic that after some work and investment the team was more than capable of stepping up further and playing an even greater role in driving company growth and success.

The Interim CTO executed the changes he proposed and successfully led the team to higher performance levels before bringing in and handing over to an FTE CTO.

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