Coaching and Mentoring
which one is right for you?


​​​Coaching can be time bound and for a fixed duration…

A Coach can provide training and/or guidance…

Can be done in a group/workshop setting with people facing similar challenges.

Can focus more on short term challenges/goals to set people up for success in the near term.

Mentoring is usually part of a long term relationship…

The right mentor and “mentee” chemistry is critical.

Done 1:1 online or face-to-face as often as works most effectively for the mentee and mentor.

Can look at high level/big picture issues and underlying enablers/constraints…

we have worked in oodles of countries...

We have a network of successful people from all business sectors and company stages

We will match you up individually with the perfect coach ¦ mentor for your individual needs…

Don’t put it off…give us a shout to overcome your challenges and seize your opportunities..

we have worked with oodles of companies...


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A Coach Asks
A Mentor Asks

What’s Standing In Your Way?

Can You Tell Me More?

What Will Happen If You Don’t Take This Step? 

What Does Success Look Like?

What Are You Most Proud Of

What Do You Want?

What Have You Done To Try To Solve The Problem?

Tell me about what’s going well/not so well ?

What would success look like now?

What would success look like in three years?

What things are under/out of your control?

What is stopping you?

What do you need to do more/less of?

What was the last thing you learnt?

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