We’re getting a lot of “cries for help” lately at gro.team from CTOs/CIOs who are finding themselves at the wrong end of the digital disruption imperative.

Their organisation has woken up to the need to “go digital” and either they have been blamed implicitly/explicitly for the failure to change in the past or the view has been formed that they don’t have the skills necessary to lead their organisation through digital transformation.

This isn’t anybody’s fault of course.

The business world is going through possibly the period of highest change since the industrial revolution and suddenly what is wanted and needed from a CIO is very different from what made a lot of CIOs successful in the past.

Mobile (mobile is overtaking web usage), Social (we’re all in a 24/7 network now), and SaaS/Cloud (software really is eating the world) have changed our opportunities and competitive threats forever.

New waves of disruption from Drones, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are not hard to foresee..

Some CIOs are riding these waves and have quite happily moved to the intersection of business, product and emerging technology – but others haven’t.

The good news is that if you have successfully led technology transformation in the past then your business, people, change, and technology leadership skills are great raw material.

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