billion dollar app book
The sort of impact a GRO.TEAM person can have is very well described by George Berkowski in his best selling book “How To Build A Billion Dollar App” (pages 358-359) when he says…

“The change was truly amazing. Much of the shared frustration was removed…we started to feel that we were firing on all cylinders…it was truly a great time at the company.”


All Startup And Business Growth Agency Services Joined Up

 GRO.TEAM helps customers to “Grow Yourself” via Business Coaching “Grow Your Team” via Interim Services and | or Permanent Talent Recruitment and to “Grow Your Business” via Growth Hacking and ¦ or Growth Marketing....

GRO.TEAM joins up services traditionally found in Recruitment, Marketing and Interim agencies into a “one stop shop” as a Business Growth Agency for startups and established businesses that don't have time or money to waste but need to accelerate!

GRO.TEAM is different to anyone you might have worked with before...we focus on being successful by making other people successful and the more people we are helping to be successful the more successful we are becoming...



GRO.TEAM has worked in 11 Countries And Counting…talk to us about Growth Hacking Agency NYC, Agence de Growth Hacking, Growth Hacking Bangalore, Agencia de Growth Hacking, Growth Hacking France +++



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We’re so confident that our results will surprise and delight you that if we think we can turbo charge your growth we’ll prove it to you with a test social media video campaign that will generate engagement you will love. Free…yes…free.


cio cto bible book
#1 Amazon Information Technology Bestseller
GRO.TEAM Founding Team Member Rorie Devine is the author of the CTO | CIO Bible which has featured as high as Number One on Amazon’s Information Technology Bestsellers list…


Business Growth Agency Reviews

GRO.TEAM’s years of providing high impact Business Growth Talent has made us one of the premier growth agencies in the world and given us unrivalled access to the top business growth talent in Europe and across the World… We have top class growth people available at all levels from “Contractor” to “CEO” level The sort of impact business owners can get is very well described by George Berkowski in his best selling book “How To Build A Billion Dollar App” (pages 358-359) when he says “The change was truly amazing. Much of the shared frustration was removed as teams were empowered to get their code improvements into production…we started to feel that we were firing on all cylinders…it was truly a great time at the company.”
The sort of results that can be achieved bringing all of our Growth Marketing Mission Objectives Strategy Tactics Growth Hacking skills together were shown at Ltd where we grew revenue by more than 5,000% in just three years… We grew revenue by 50 X from £39,484 in FY15 to £1,975,421 in FY17…
We bring a lot of upstream and downstream experience to bear to growth marketing. We have Growth Hacking, SEO, CRO, PPC, Social Media and other specialists that will be engaged on your challenges to provide the biggest bang for your marketing buck. We have NEVER failed to deliver cost effective growth.
We have our “centre of gravity” in London UK but have worked in 11 countries so far with Brazil as the latest addition to the list…
Yes we have world class business growth coaches and mentors…please see our business growth coaching page
Yes! We honestly think that there is no more customer focused and effective growth marketing agency in the world than us…100% of our customers have given us 5 stars so far…that speaks for itself…
We join up growth services traditionally found in separate agencies into a single effective and cost effective customer focused growth service. We will deploy our growth talents where you will get the biggest Return On Investment and deliver the growth you need…let’s get started now!
All of the GRO.TEAM leadership team are still client facing Interim C level executives still “doing the do” and they really do understand their respective areas and know what good, really good and great looks like in their fields.
think do show book
think do show book
The sort of Leadership we believe in is very well described by Simon Edwards in his best selling book “think do show” (pages 87-88) when he says of GRO.TEAM founding team member Rorie Devine...

“Rorie was relentless in his intention to make Hailo a centre of Engineering excellence. Rorie not only wanted to build the best software organisation possible, he also wanted all of Hailo to work closely together…Rorie is the kind of boss you really want to work for, demanding results but always in your corner…”
Give our friendly team  a shout for a non salesy chat about how we can get stuck into your challenges…asap
Artur Grabowski
Artur Grabowski
Can't recommend enough. Very professional and modern approach to the problem of business and team building in very difficult times. Rorie's perfect combination of experience and skills allowed us to unlock the full potential.
Stuart Nelmes
Stuart Nelmes
Having worked with the team across various projects and assignments, it's always reassuring to know that the results are alway going to be delivered. Loana is great to work with, ensuring that the the projects are always given the right candidates to ensure success.
Nic Hutchins
Nic Hutchins
Every now and again, if you’re lucky, you will come across a business that delights you. This is what you’ll find with Rorie and the team. Excellent in their chosen fields, easy to engage with and genuinely excited about getting you the result you desire.
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter
We used GRO.TEAM to iron out internal issues with CTOs, they also helped us to revise our way of working and helped us with a very successful growth hacking campaign. They took us through a full consultation assessing what was and wasn't working internally - they also helped with internal mentoring for some of our staff. Overall - exceptionally good service and a fantastic business to work with.
derry oneill
derry oneill
Focussed, sharp, incisive bunch of people - breath of fresh air . Be prepared to be challenged - supportively.

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