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The sort of impact a GRO.TEAM person can have is very well described by George Berkowski in his best selling book “How To Build A Billion Dollar App” (pages 358-359) when he says…

“The change was truly amazing. Much of the shared frustration was removed…we started to feel that we were firing on all cylinders…it was truly a great time at the company.”

Business Mentor London Reviews​

“I have really benefited from working with my GRO.TEAM business mentor. He is never too busy for me and really does care about what happens in my career. I can't think of any other way to work on a career that is so effective. It really works and the ROI must be massive".
Barry Dunsfold
"I was a little sceptical about coaching before I started but I've really found my coaching with GRO.TEAM really uplifting. They have really helped me focus on the right things and achieve the most important things..."
Francine Sellers
“I’ve been working as a GRO.TEAM Business Mentor and have loved the opportunity to help people at earlier stages in their career. I have worked with one person in particular that has really managed to change the trajectory of their career. It has been brilliant to be part of."
Shaun Johnstone
Shaun Johnstone
Board Advisor

The Differences Between Working With A Business Mentor And A Coach In London​

Business Mentor

Can be part of a long term relationship
Done 1:1 online or face-to-face
Can look at high level ¦ big picture issues

Business Coach

Can be time bound and for a fixed duration
Can be done in a group ¦ workshop setting
Can focus more on short term challenges ¦ goals

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