Martin Wright

Martin Wright


Martin is a senior business leader and technologist with a proven record of innovation and disruption, combining entrepreneurial vision and flair with more than 15 years experience creating and managing internet-based businesses.

Martin is also an entrepreneur and creative thinker who also benefits from experience as a system designer and project manager in a wide variety of business applications.

Martin also has a very creative mind and is always good at coming up with and evaluating new ideas, particularly when they are technology related.
"Martin and I worked together closely for several years as the principal designers and implementers of a search engine, which became a significant part of the foundation of a successful company. Martin is extremely well-grounded in computer science, both academically and practically. I wouldn't have any hesitation placing Martin in charge of, or in a significant role, in a development project. In addition, Martin was a pleasure to work with. He has interests far beyond the merely technical, which made for an enjoyable work environment, and we remain friends to the present day. We only stopped working together thanks to the perversity of US immigration policies."
Michael Gursky
Mike Gursky
Chief Architect At Equeum
"Martin was invaluable to the development of our search engine and database technology at Ovid Technologies. He is very bright, articulate, inventive, and a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Martin. Thank you, Jeff Hoerle (former CFO and COO of Ovid Technologies)."
Jeff Hoerle
Jeff Hoerle
Martin is the Founder and CTO of The Lucky Checkout Club, the premium bonds of loyalty and reward schemes offering consumers the chance to win a large cash prize every time they shop online.


Identified business requirements and analysed strategic opportunities to exploit competitive advantage.

Oversaw end-to-end process, from specification to delivery by a team of developers.

Developed system specifications, designed MySQL database and architected the entire system.

Designed custom structure for front end and back end of website which were developed using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP and Node.JS.

Supervised LAMP system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency.

Migrated to LEMP on Docker running on AWS Created and delivered the Lucky Checkout browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari and the Lucky Checkout Android app.


Founder and CTO of YouAngel, a peer-to-peer business funding marketplace that allowed people to lend money directly to credit-worthy small and medium-sized businesses.

Founder and chief software architect of BumperBrain a small software company which made Knowledge Management tools for sharing knowledge within an organisation via the corporate intranet.

Founder and CTO which is now the oldest internet bookmaker in Britain, which started off offering a full sports betting service over the internet before the high street names had gone online.


AWS RDS (MySQL), ElastiCache (Redis), SQS and SES, Docker, NGINX, PHP 7, Laravel 7, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and Kotlin…

Martin was a Senior Software Developer at the famous Bell Laboratories, the research arm of AT&T.


Martin combines a natural creativity with a passion for all things tech and has lived and worked in both New York City and London.

Granted US Patent Number 5,252,772 (piano teaching computer system).

Parliamentary candidate (Nottingham North) in the 2001 general election.

Education: BSc (Hons, 2:1) in Computer Science from University College London.

Likes: Singing, skiing, amateur dramatics, horse racing and beautiful buildings.
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