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billion dollar app book
The sort of impact a GRO.TEAM person can have is very well described by George Berkowski in his best selling book “How To Build A Billion Dollar App” (pages 358-359) when he says…

“The change was truly amazing. Much of the shared frustration was removed…we started to feel that we were firing on all cylinders…it was truly a great time at the company.”


Free PPC Review

Does your current Google Ads campaign deliver good results? Have you seen your spend increase with less return? Or maybe you just feel that the existing pay per click campaign isn't performing as well as it should? We offer a FREE pay per click campaign review to assess how optimised your campaign is, bid strategy, spend & lots more...Spend less, get more enquiries, sales, clicks and engagement, see improved CTR & quality scores + drive strong campaign growth.

ROI Maximised

Paid search like any digital marketing channel needs the right approach - to ensure that you have the highest possible ROI from the outset.

It's very easy for pay per click campaigns to hemorrhage funds, and for many, terms like TROAS / ROAS (target return on ad spend) can sound intimidating - that's why GRO.TEAM offers a free, impartial review of your current ppc campaign to see how efficient it is being managed and how much better it could perform.


PPC Services Agency Reviews

"GRO.TEAM provided top people for as and when we needed them. They have really helped us manage costs and hit our growth targets. They are the best ppc agency in the market bar none.
Charlotte Duffy
Charlie Duffy
“GRO.TEAM created and ran some amazing campaigns for us. They really seem to have the best approach in the market that I have ever come across.”
Helen Sawyer
Helen Sawyer
Digital Marketeer
"Our previous couple of PPC agencies had under delivered so we brought in GRO.TEAM after a friend recommended them. I must say I was a bit cynical but they really were quicker, better and cheaper than the people they replaced. Great stuff and definitely the best people I have ever come across."
Nathan Walls
Nathan Walls
Managing Director

What Are Your PPC Company Needs?


On-Line OR Face To Face
Can Save A Huge Amount Of Time and/or Money
  • Quick Review Of What Is And Isn't Working
  • Quick Review Of PPC Efforts And Effectiveness
  • Quick Goal Set
  • Campaign Co-Creation
  • Measure --> Act --> Measure

Interim | Permanent
PPC Recruitment

Full Time or Part Time
Can Save A Huge Amount Of Time and/or Money
  • Quick Goal Set
  • Parachute In One Of Our PPC Experts
  • We Can Lead Or Augment Teams
  • Little And Often or High Intensity Sprints
  • PPC Recruitment

Remote PPC
As A Service

Remote On Demand PPC
Let Us Get Your Traffic
  • Quick Review Of What Is And Isn't Working
  • Quick Review Of PPC Efforts And Effectiveness
  • Quick Goal Set
  • Campaign Co-Creation
  • Measure --> Act --> Measure



GRO.TEAM has worked in 11 Countries And Counting…


What do our PPC company customers think?



PPC Audit

For a very limited time...at the moment you can grab a free PPC AUDIT...

Start spending your budget more effectively TODAY!

The Right Audience

Your PPC audit will give some valuable insights into your existing digital marketing and pay per click campaign performance.  We'll assess everything from landing pages to conversion rate - before making data driven decisions. We'll benchmark your PPC bid strategy vs. target market i.e. eCommerce, lead generation and so forth - we'll look at ad spend to make sure your PPC advertising has sufficient budget to run ads at sufficient times so that you can reach the right target audience.

All Platforms

Our free PPC audit will give you a better idea of an onward path for your digital strategy - after all, the best campaigns are always ones that are based on data driven adjustments - from ad split testing and single keyword ad groups through to landing page A/B testing to maximise conversions from highly targeted traffic. GRO.TEAM is a specialist PPC agency with extensive knowledge across Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads + other PPC platforms.





Pay Per Click for Orangeries UK

GRO.TEAM inherited a pre-existing Google Ads campaign that had previously been managed by another pay per click company in London. The campaign was running a high daily spend with a very low throughput in conversions. GRO.TEAM noticed that not only was the campaign wasting large amounts of ad spend on broad match (irrelevant) queries, but that conversion tracking wasn't firing properly. The clients historic paid search cost per conversion previously ran at £490 per conversion with around 2-3 conversions occurring per week.

What GRO.TEAM Achieved

Within the first 3 months of the pay per click campaign - GRO.TEAM reduced the cost per conversion to as little as £99, effectively delivering 5x the conversions within the same digital marketing budget. Google Ads Conversions increased significantly to around 15 per week. The clients products are high value items (£20,000+) so driving such a large increase in conversions had a hugely positive impact on their business. EVEN out of peak season - enquiries were up over 200% from the previous year thanks to our ppc agency expertise.

CAC £490 --> £99
2-3 Conversions Per Week --> 15 Per Week​



Your Partner

As your pay per click agency & business growth partner - GRO.TEAM will provide a clear digital marketing strategy for your paid search campaigns. We take a holistic view of all marketing channels including social media, SEOm direct & referral to see how users interact with your website, product, and/or service. We create very granular PPC campaigns that split test different bid strategies whilst benchmarking conversion performance - from a phone call to a website product sale, our PPC team & Google Premier Partner experts will work with you to dominate search engine results with a PPC campaign like no other.

Google Partner

With every keyword search & google search comes a new opportunities for more business and more revenue without breaking the ad spend bank - let PPC advertising fuel turnover & profit growth. GRO.TEAM PPC specialists have years of experience running results driven pay per click campaigns, display & remarketing campaigns and more. We're not just any PPC agency in London, we're a recognised and established Google Ads partner delivering pay per click growth for businesses across London, the UK and worldwide.

Our Secret?

What secret sauce do we use? Well, our strategic approach is where we deliver - by understanding your business, product/service and the mindset of your customer we can ensure ads and landing pages are exactly what the end user wants to see - maximising engagement and the probability of a sale/enquiry. Being at the top spot in any search engine be it Google or Bing is absolutely essential - let our fully managed PPC campaign services drive up enquiries, e commerce sales & brand awareness. Based in the heart of London, GRO.TEAM employs the best talent when it comes to SEO marketing, PPC and social media marketing.


Brand Awareness

Once you have a website and (hyperlinks linking to it from your target market to show it has authority) you should start to get some web traffic...getting traffic with the right intent is the crucial thing though.

Conversion Marketing

Increasing brand awareness in potential customers on search and social media platforms with targeted advertising is critical but is is half the battle. Once a customer clicks on to your website you need to convert them conversion rate optimisation techniques.


The main types of Pay Per Click advertising that are generally considered are 1. Search ads 2. Display ads 3. Social ads 4. Remarketing ads 5. Google Shopping ads 6. Gmail sponsored ads. With PPC ads you pay when people click ads to visit your site which is different to display advertising where you pay for advert impressions. Display advertising is also known as CPM advertising (Cost Per Mille or Thousand impressions).
Pay Per Click advertising generally involves selecting target key words that you want to bid for and running adverts to encourage search engine users to visit your site having typed those phrases into the search engine. On Google the PPC ads appear before and after the “natural” results with Ad placed before the site name.
A PPC Company like GRO.TEAM will design, implement and run PPC campaigns on behalf of their clients. Running a successful PPC campaign takes a lot of skill and experience, the PPC systems are designed to maximise spend not Return On Investment.
PPC Management Services is when a business like GRO.TEAM offers the service of designing, creating and running PPC campaigns on behalf of clients. PPC services businesses generally charge 10-15% of the ad spend budget to provide this service.
We join up growth services traditionally found in separate agencies into a single effective and cost effective customer focused growth service. We will deploy our growth talents where you will get the biggest Return On Investment and deliver the growth you need…let’s get started now!
All of the GRO.TEAM leadership team are still client facing Interim C level executives still “doing the do” and they really do understand their respective areas and know what good, really good and great looks like in their fields.
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