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The sort of impact a GRO.TEAM person can have is very well described by George Berkowski in his best selling book “How To Build A Billion Dollar App” (pages 358-359) when he says…

“The change was truly amazing. Much of the shared frustration was removed…we started to feel that we were firing on all cylinders…it was truly a great time at the company.”


A Traditional View Of The Customer Acquisition Funnel​





The Product-Led Growth PLG Marketing Flywheel​





Product-Led Growth (PLG) Marketing

The key to the successful adoption of a Product-Led Growth Strategy is to focus everyone in the company of getting the Product-Market fit 100% right and focusing relentlessly on creating a great and constantly improving customer experience.

As the rate of users completing each action increases, the flywheel will spin faster, increasing the rate that users move from one segment to the next. This creates a positive feedback loop—as more users become advocates they drive more acquisition, the customer experience receives more investment and growth increases..


"At very short notice we asked GRO.TEAM for a Product Led Growth expert and they managed to supply someone who was perfect for what we needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend them and would definitely use them again.”
Rachel Dillon
“GRO.TEAM placed a Product Led Growth expert with us for 6 months last year and what a difference it made. I'm not sure we would have completed our digital transformation without them - they made that much difference. Thanks again."
Muhammad Yoder
Muhammad Yoder
Business Turn Around
“Digital transformation is tricky so we needed top tier talent. Our Product Led Growth expert was just that - pragmatic, likeable, effective and great at bringing the urgency clarity and delivery that promise. We would use again in a heart beat."
Karen Piper
“We needed someone to help us nail our digital transformation and found us a brilliant interim cdo. They very quickly got hold of the project and made sure it started delivering value. I'm not sure what would have happened without them. You can't put a price on experience I guess."
Jason Adler


Product-Led Growth Analysis and Strategy Recommendation

Based on our experience successfully implementing PLG approaches and fostering PLG cultures we can help create and communicate Product Led Growth adoption strategies.

We usually spend 1-3 days working with the CEO or CMO to confirm likelihood of success for a PLG approach given the product | people | service in question and then co-create and help communicate implementation activities, costs and benefits.

Give us a shout to have a look at PLG…


Accountability For The Successful Adoption of a PLG Approach

We can deploy (remotely or on-site) an experienced Product Led Growth expert to work with you to create a cross functional PLG team and organise the team’s activities and rituals to accelerate growth using a PLG approach.

PLG is a How not a What but our PLG expert will ensure that PLG is implemented in the optimum way for your organisation and it delivers the growth acceleration you want and need…


By forming an onsite or remote virtual team with one of GRO.TEAM’s Product Led Growth Experts we can put a rocket under your growth much more quickly and cost effectively than you might imagine. <

Our PLG Growth Expert will run virtual daily standups with your cross-functional team and Measure –> Act –> Measure ideas to accelerate the PLG flywheel and create increasing numbers of product advocates | evangelists…

Physical location is no barrier…we have led PLG initiatives “in” 11 countries so far…give us a shout to find out more.

Value FOR Money

PLG Experts that bring full time impact for interim money...

LookinG For Win/Win

PLG experts that enjoy the win/win of a portfolio career...


PLG experts that won't ignore emails because technically they aren't charging at the time...

Highly Skilled

The PLG experts in our network have a huge range of technical skills and experience to draw upon...


Yes, I Want Product Led Growth!​

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Give our friendly team  a shout for a non salesy chat about how we can get stuck into your challenges…asap
19 Google reviews
chris airey
chris airey
2020-11-15 and Rory are very focussed and sharp in terms of that art of matching solution to need. Commercial, positive, pacy - a great experience.
Martin Wright
Martin Wright
As a candidate for a C-Level role, I can highly recommend Gro.Team, who manage to be both highly professional and friendly and engaging. With a level of technical expertise that many candidates can only dream about, unlike some recruiters Rorie not only knows his stuff inside-out but also understands what you're looking for, and is genuinely motivated to find a match that suits both business and candidate equally.
Artur Grabowski
Artur Grabowski
Can't recommend enough. Very professional and modern approach to the problem of business and team building in very difficult times. Rorie's perfect combination of experience and skills allowed us to unlock the full potential.
Stuart Nelmes
Stuart Nelmes
Having worked with the team across various projects and assignments, it's always reassuring to know that the results are alway going to be delivered. Loana is great to work with, ensuring that the the projects are always given the right candidates to ensure success.
Nic Hutchins
Nic Hutchins
Every now and again, if you’re lucky, you will come across a business that delights you. This is what you’ll find with Rorie and the team. Excellent in their chosen fields, easy to engage with and genuinely excited about getting you the result you desire.
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter
We used GRO.TEAM to iron out internal issues with CTOs, they also helped us to revise our way of working and helped us with a very successful growth hacking campaign. They took us through a full consultation assessing what was and wasn't working internally - they also helped with internal mentoring for some of our staff. Overall - exceptionally good service and a fantastic business to work with.
derry oneill
derry oneill
Focussed, sharp, incisive bunch of people - breath of fresh air . Be prepared to be challenged - supportively.
Simon Teppett
Simon Teppett
Everything about is extremely well run - and Rorie is abosutely top flight. He knows his onions !!
Stuart Prestedge
Stuart Prestedge
Rorie & Loana @ GRO.TEAM are extremely friendly, professional and effective. They take pride in ensuring that candidates are ideal for the roles which is a win-win for both sides. Highly recommended!
N Cohen
N Cohen
Love the interaction with Rorie, Loana, and the team. Committed, professional, yet fun and engaging! the perfect blend for a successful 21st-cent tech business. Looking forward to working with you again soon :-)


Product-led growth marketing is a growth strategy employed by companies that feel that their product has a Unique Selling Point and ¦ or gives them Competitive Advantage. It is an interesting approach as it implies a shift of focus from Top Of Funnel Awareness ¦ Consideration ¦ Conversion strategies to what might be called Product Flywheel strategies.
Product growth can imply a product-lead growth strategy based on product quality rather than traditional marketing approaches.The Product-Led Flywheel approach is to stop considering user acquisition as a sequential top to bottom funnel (Awareness –> Consideration –> Conversion –> Retention) but to start to consider customer acquisition as a circular Flywheel focused on creating Product Advocates rather that just Customers.
A PLG company can mean a Product-Lead Growth Company. It is an interesting approach as it implies a shift of focus from Top Of Funnel Awareness ¦ Consideration ¦ Conversion strategies to what might be called Product Flywheel strategies.
Product-led growth marketing is a growth strategy employed by companies that feel that their product has a Unique Selling Point and ¦ or gives them Competitive Advantage. It is an interesting approach as it implies a shift of focus from Top Of Funnel Awareness ¦ Consideration ¦ Conversion strategies to what might be called Product Flywheel strategies.
We join up growth services traditionally found in separate agencies into a single effective and cost effective customer focused growth service. We will deploy our growth talents where you will get the biggest Return On Investment and deliver the growth you need…let’s get started now!
All of the GRO.TEAM leadership team are still client facing Interim C level executives still “doing the do” and they really do understand their respective areas and know what good, really good and great looks like in their fields.
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