To illustrate what I mean, let me take a comment from a forum:

“Samsung for instance integrated a Kinect-like camera in a living room environment that got confused by multiple people in the room! I tried controlling the TV with my hand and it got confused when someone moved!  WTF are they doing?”

Why is this kind of thing happening? Who are all these decision makers who are destroying our world? Could they be some douchebags who are just creating absolutely anything with the aim of just getting some wages?

I am pretty sure that if the main stakeholder was somebody who knew how tech evolved over the years, and what a combination of software and hardware can therefore really do, there would be a definite interception of the above tech problem.

I truly am starting to theorise that even in this day and age there is a massive problem in our society where futurism is still seen as wacky and stupid uninteresting subject, so the world is forced to hire douchebags to innovate for us who have zero interest in how things could be?

For example, one of the most reliable way I find for anybody who loves technology to meet blank faces or disapproving sentiment is to talk about ideas.. Everyone still expects to gossip about people etc. no matter what. There is a very little sociological incentive to dream. This is why we have a crisis in innovation.

When will idea’s dominate society? Why am I still noticing that dreamers when they start talking about ideas are still anti-social?