The story started at Betfair…the online betting exchange that went on to IPO for more than $2 billion...

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As Founder Rorie Devine recalls…



”I had been headhunted into a leadership role and it became clear that some members of the team I had inherited were part of the problem – not the solution.

The number of people in my team was growing extremely rapidly (from 35 to 350 during my time in charge) so I thought “wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere I could go to bring in genuine experts to take accountability for X leaving me to focus on Y” and so on.

Unfortunately nothing like that existed so I put it to the back of my mind and did the best I could…

2014 launched

The “management consultancy” model was (and still is) broken. It works by overcharging clients premium rates for smart but inexperienced and inexpensive people.

Some management consultancy contracts are so long and complicated that by the time a client realises that they’re not getting the value for money or effectiveness they need it is difficult/impossible to end the relationship.

The news that Hertz is suing Accenture for $32m for a failed web site implementation (a product and design that apparently didn’t do half of what was specified and wasn’t finished) is one of the few failed projects that come to light publicly…most of the time companies quietly move on…wiser but poorer…

I resolved to launch a company to meet the need for genuine easy in/easy out expertise where people need it, when people need it and only for as long as they need it and was born. 

2015 launched

Unfortunately few people knew what CXO meant (it’s a generic term for CTO, CEO, CFO etc) so we changed the name to and off we went…

July 2019 soft launched

We were winning awards and growing very rapidly (revenue went up more than 5,000% in 3 years) and people loved our relentless customer success focus but clients kept asking us “we need some permanent people as well…do you do that?” and “can you help us grow as well?”

Eventually we decided to stop arguing with clients and relaunched as to work with people to grow themselves via coaching and mentoring, grow their teams with interim or permanent talent and grow their businesses via growth hacking.

The real a-ha moment though was realising that as a self-selecting network of more than 200 high impact, high credential people if we’re serious about adding more value than we extract (and making people, teams and more companies more successful) then we should include free coaching and mentoring as part of all of our interim and permanent engagements.

We are definitely finding that access to free coaching and mentoring genuinely seems to make a difference to outcomes…no matter how good you are you can always get better and it seems that the more successful people are the more they benefit from coaching and mentoring…anyway…

It’s early days… is still ramping up…but it has been great to see the reaction of the people we’re working with…we’re having a lot of fun and a lot of growth is being delivered…”
July 2019

Rorie Devine

Rorie is featured in the books “Think Do Show” by Simon Edwards and “How To Build a Billion Dollar App” by George Berkowski saying that the change he brought when coming in as an Interim was “truly amazing” ,”we started to feel we were firing on all cylinders” and “Rorie was relentless in his intention to make Hailo a centre of Engineering excellence. Rorie not only wanted to build the best software organisation possible, he also wanted all of Hailo to work closely together…Rorie is the kind of boss you really want to work for, demanding results but always in your corner.”

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