Rorie Devine

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Rorie Devine

Interim CTO ¦ CIO

Rorie Devine has worked internationally and has held growth and technology leadership positions at companies including Auden,  Blow Limited, Moneyfarm, GRO.TEAM, Ladbrokes Coral Group, John Lewis Partnership Ventures, Camelot, Hailo, Betfair and broadbandchoices…

Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Rorie Devine is the author of the best selling CTO book on Amazon (The CTO ¦ CIO Bible) and the highest rated CTO course on THINKIFIC (How To Be A Hero CIO | CTO).


Rorie Devine understands that leadership is about leading change, bringing urgency and clarity, increasing accountability and agility, being a leader of leaders, and relishing the opportunity to start and scale businesses and teams by increasing revenue, finding game changers, evolving business models, removing structural constraints and/or improving efficiency…

Growth Hacker

Very much with a hands-on approach, Rorie Devine derives accomplishment from maximising the impact from talent by creating great platforms and frameworks as well as helping to foster brilliant cultures.

Rorie has led a number of successful cross-functional growth hacking initiatives delivering huge business impact across a number of businesses and industries.


Interim and PERManent



Reduced the IT Team cost from £55m per year to £35m per year whilst improving the team's agility and business impact...
Full Tilt Poker
Full Tilt Poker CIO
Created a Full Tilt branded Sportsbook Proof of Concept.



Set dual-track technology strategy. Restructured, grew, and led a cultural change within the Technology Team. Mentored and coached an internal candidate to promotion as CTO.
People/Process/Technology review/audit/recommendations.
CTO mentoring.
Created the Sports Site Reliability Engineering team. Improved Coral mobile availability, decreased Coral and Ladbrokes visually complete first view and repeated view download times. Improved reliability and speed of the market and prices Trading Feed.
Expert contributor.
Conceived, created and delivered a new digital architecture. Created and communicated a suggested implementation plan for board approval…
Led the Technology team for John Lewis Partnership Ventures that launched three new digital products/services for Waitrose and John Lewis in six months…
Led the Technology team. Created, communicated and started the execution of a transformative IT strategy. Identified and handed over over to a long term replacement…
Strategic advisor and mentor to the new in-post CTO…
Took control of the web site, hired a development team, launched new products and services, found, hired and handed over to a permanent CTO before leaving. The company subsequently tripled in size…
Launched on demand apps, managed Indian off shore team..growth hacked the SEO traffic..
Helped scale the Development team and deliver on demand booking, national and international expansion…
Sorted out the development team structure and operating model. Found and handed over to a permanent CTO…
Growth hacked the business web pure play to massively improve the site’s traffic and revenue…
Led the Tech team for four and 1/2 years. Turned around an underperforming Tech Ops team. Replatformed twice as the business trebled in size. Launched new operations in Malta, Romania, Italy and Tasmania. Helped transform the business from niche Betting Exchange to full portfolio Gaming company by launching six new products. Won “Best place to work in IT” twice.
Led the technology team for the Dublin based world’s second biggest online poker site. Conceived, designed and mapped out-the launch of a new sports book.
Took £30 million per annum cost out of the team. Launched Labs Team and new products/services that form the basis of the company’s new digital business.

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Rorie Devine's
CTO ¦ CIO Bible
The #1 Selling "CTO" Book on Amazon

Amazon’s #1 Information Technology Best Seller​

Rorie Devine

“My first love is rolling up my sleeves and working with clients as an Interim CTO or Part Time CTO…it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment helping bring more urgency, clarity and delivery…”

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Rorie Devine
Rorie Devine

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