Growth Hacking – Definition Of Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking – Definition Of Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is focusing down on one key metric (contact form submissions, basket check outs…whatever) and doing anything and everything across the usual IT/Marketing divide to rapidly grow that metric sooner rather than later.

“Hacking” means instead of spending lots of money interrupting lots of people with necessarily generic messages things of genuine interest/usefulness are put in front of very, very targeted groups of people

 If you need a quick intro to growth hacking have a look here and if you have a B2B product/service you want to growth hack start here

[su_pullquote]Example engagement

“The change the interim brought when coming in as Interim VP Engineering was “truly amazing”​ and “we started to feel we were firing on all cylinders”. The “How To Build a Billion Dollar App”​ book by George Berkowski[/su_pullquote]


Ready to growth hack? Need a hand? How much does interim B2B growth hacking cost?

Not that much actually. It depends on what the singular target is but to double/treble traffic, sign ups, customers or whatever we would need to do a three-five day deep dive with you followed by a campaign execution phase of one-ten days a month until the target is reached. That normally takes 2-6 months depending on the start and end points.

We won’t take an engagement unless there is an #highROI up for grabs and you will end up “hugely up on the deal”. We really think that the more people we help become more successful the more successful we become…

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At the time of writing is #1,#2,#3 and #4 on Google UK for “interim growth hacker” and we have lots of happy clients we can tell you about…