Our years of experience deploying talent has given gro.team unrivalled access to the top people and talent networks in the world…

We can tap into talent that isn’t looking for a job and can only be reached by people they know and trust…

Our Chief Talent Officer Loana has to be one of the most successful talent finders in the world..

we have worked with oodles of companies...

Ask about our “try before you buy” “temp to perm” engagements whereby clients have the best of both worlds with the rapid deployment of an interim followed by the conversion of the interim into a permanent employee for longevity and continuity…

We have some of the best talent in Europe…ex Amazon, Betfair, Google…

We’re low ego, high ability and obsessively focused on client success…

We are *very* easy to deal with…there are no 200 page contracts with us…

Before you forget get in touch to get top talent where you need it, when you need it..

We include free sponsor and/or employee coaching and/or mentoring to make sure every gro.team engagement is set up for success and delivers the business impact you want. 

Give us a shout now if you want to find out more…


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