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What Are Your PPC Services Needs?

Temporary ¦ Interim

The provision of high impact interim talent is why GRO.TEAM was started and we're still the best in the market at it. Give us a shout to get the talent you need... Need an Interim PPC Specialist? Great... Need someone to start tomorrow? No problem... Need someone who pick up the baton after an abrupt departure? No problem... Need someone to turn round a team that isn't delivering? No problem

Permanent Employees

Our Chief Talent Officer Loana is one of the best talent finders in the world...however picky your requirements are if anyone can find the perfect person or team for you Loana can. Loana was recently asked to find a Head of PPC for a company that is based in a Scottish village. Umm....they also wanted  a Gaelic speaker as well of course. Within a week Loana found someone that was actually from the county in question  and was currently working at Google. They were back in the Highlands within weeks...

PPC Campaign Management

Need a PPC services agency to create and/or run your PPC services for a temporary time period?  No worries. Deploying variable capacity talent can be quicker, better and cheaper than any other way of getting something done. Contact us to find out more...

PPC Services Reviews

"GRO.TEAM have provided top quality people for as and when we needed them. They have really helped us manage costs and hit out growth targets."
Charlotte Duffy
Charlotte Duffy
“GRO.TEAM created and ran some amazing campaigns for us. They really seem to have better experience than everyone else in the market that I have ever come across.”
Helen Sawyer
Helen Sawyer
Digital Marketeer
"Our previous couple of PPC agencies had under delivered so we brought in GRO.TEAM after a friend recommended them. I must say I was a bit cynical but they really were quicker, better and cheaper than the people they replaced. Great stuff."
Nathan Walls
Nathan Walls
Managing Director

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and it is a form of advertising where the advertiser pays for each click that a user makes to their web site. It is therefore different to SEO (search engine optimisation) and CPM (cost per mille) marketing and as advertisers are only being charged when people visit their web site theoretically it should provide great value for money.

Hold on a minute though…it’s not quite as simple as that…

The Lowdown on PPC

Bing (Microsoft) are offering great deals at the moment to encourage usage but with about 85% market share in the UK and US Google Ads (previously AdWords) is synonymous with PPC in the UK and USA.

The truth is that the Google Ads system is designed and optimised to maximise your SPEND not your RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Unless you work with people like GRO.TEAM PPC is a great way of spending money very quickly and even driving traffic to your site that will not actually buy your product ¦ service and achieve the commercial results you want and need…

What do our PPC Services customers think?

PPC Services Top Tips

Solve For Intent

If you sell Umbrellas Google will be very happy for you to create and run Search and Display campaigns targeting “Umbrella” as a keyword. The volume is great  (50,000 searches a month in the UK) so a lot of money can be spent and a lot of clicks could be generated…

There is a problem though…how many of those 50,000 people typing “Umbrella” into Google every month actually have the intent to buy an umbrella?

Maybe a lot of them are actually searching for the song Umbrella by Rihanna?

“buy umbrella” only gets 480 searches a month in the UK for instance.

So unless you are targeting phrases with the right underlying intent you will be wasting a lot of money very quickly…

Use The Right Type Of Campaigns

When you create a new Google Ads campaign you will be encouraged to use a “Smart” campaign using Broad Match and the Display Network.

Both of those options take away your ability to target intent and should be avoided.

Broad match means your target phrase is matched against a broad set of phrases that include your phrase so a broad match of “umbrella” might be “umbrella insurance cover” for instance. 

Exact Match (where the target phrase has to match the search query 100%) needs to be used  to target intent effectively.

The Google Display Network provides the text ads you see on high traffic web sites around the web and obviously visiting a web page implies very little intent.

The Search Network is the channel to be used to target intent.

For a very limited time...at the moment you can grab a free growth tyre kick...

Why not grab a free non-salesy call with one of our growth geeks to see what growth opportunities you might have?!?

As a wise person once said…always be learning…

Google PPC Services Campaign Types

PPC Services Campaign Types

Does PPC Work?

PPC can work but it takes a lot of experience and skill to avoid pointlessly adding your hard earned money to Google’s revenue ($139 billion in 2019).

Anecdotally across the industry it appears that only about 10% of PPC campaigns have a positive ROI (they generate more additional profit than they cost) but at GRO.TEAM 100% of our PPC campaigns have a positive ROI…otherwise we stop doing them.

We have pioneered and developed competitive advantage in the creation and use of Google’s new Target CPA campaigns. Our approach has had remarkable success training the Google Ads engine across the learning period for 10-15 conversions in 30 days. 

What's the Best Approach To PPC?

It takes a lot of work end-to-end to make PPC campaigns work…the right key phrases need to targeted…the ads need to be very carefully constructed…the landing pages that the ads send the visitors to need to be very carefully constructed and optimised…

It takes a lot of experience to take Google searchers all the way along that chain without losing them somewhere…

Give GRO.TEAM a call…we’re been there and done this…we only run profitable campaigns.

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