Product-Led Growth Marketing

Product-led growth marketing is a growth strategy employed by companies that feel that their product has a Unique Selling Point and ¦ or gives them Competitive Advantage.
It is an interesting approach as it implies a shift of focus from Top Of Funnel Awareness ¦ Consideration ¦ Conversion strategies to what might be called Product Flywheel strategies.

Product-Led Growth Flywheel

The Product-Led Flywheel approach is to stop considering user acquisition as a sequential top to bottom funnel (Awareness --> Consideration --> Conversion --> Retention) but to start to consider customer acquisition as a circular Flywheel focused on creating Product Advocates rather that just Customers.

Product-Led Growth Examples

Software as a Service (SaaS) companies like Slack are often quoted as using a Product-Led Growth playbook.

"At very short notice we asked GRO.TEAM for an interim CDO and they managed to supply someone who was perfect for what we needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend them and would definitely use them again.”
Rachel Dillon
“GRO.TEAM placed an Interim CDO with us for 6 months last year and what a difference it made. I'm not sure we would have completed our digital transformation without them - they made that much difference. Thanks again."
Muhammad Yoder
Muhammad Yoder
Business Turn Around
“Digital transformation is tricky so we needed top tier talent. Our interim CDO was just that - pragmatic, likeable, effective and great at bringing the urgency clarity and delivery that promise. We would use again in a heart beat."
Karen Piper
“We needed someone to help us nail our digital transformation and found us a brilliant interim cdo. They very quickly got hold of the project and made sure it started delivering value. I'm not sure what would have happened without them. You can't put a price on experience I guess."
Jason Adler

A Traditional View Of The Customer Acquisition Funnel





The Product-Led Growth Flywheel

EVALUATORS                                BEGINNERS

            CHAMPIONS                                    REGULARS               

Product-Led Growth

The key to the successful adoption of a Product-Led Growth Strategy is to focus everyone in the company of gettting the Product-Market fit 100% right and focusing relentlessly on creating a great and constantly improving customer experience.

As the rate of users completing each action increases, the flywheel will spin faster, increasing the rate that users move from one segment to the next. This creates a positive feedback loop—as more users become advocates they drive more acquisition, the customer experience receives more investment and growth increases…


The Kind Of Product-Led Growth Interim CDO You Need

Value FOR Money

Interim CDO's that bring full time impact for interim money...

LookinG For Win/Win

Interim CDO's that enjoy the win/win of a portfolio career..


Interim CDO's that won't ignore emails because technically they aren't charging at the time...

Highly Skilled

The Interim CDO's in our network have a huge range of technical skills and experience to draw upon...

Product-Led Growth Talent Like Us

Product-Led Growth Interim CDO Roles Like This...

Startup Interim CDO

We’ve done Interim CDO roles to help start-ups who are concerned about their burn rate but can’t find the right talent and are in a hurry to get going *now*…we’ve done this for BuzzMyVideos, Red Box, amzLenders in New York City and others…

Interim CDO As Digital Transformer

Typically our Interim CDOs help lead digital implementation or transformation. In one engagement we hired developers, migrated to the cloud, launched new services at much more…all as a part time CTO…

Interim CDO And COO

Operations has increasingly become a battleground for competitive advantage and we have done a number of Interim CDO roles leveraging leading edge technology into operations…

Interim CDO And Growth Hacker

Growth Hacking is cross functional and “peaky” by its very nature so a hybrid Interim CDO/Growth Hacking role has worked very well for us in a number of engagements…


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