The Real Lessons From The Petrol And Lorry Driver Shortages




The Real Lessons From
The Petrol And Lorry Driver Shortages
In the UK people are blaming “Brexit” for petrol and lorry driver shortages but the real reasons are much more complicated and important than that…

Who is to blame?

In the UK and many other countries we are suffering supply chain issues caused by number of factors including a COVID accelerated change in the employment market, Brexit, and a ham fisted UK government attempt tax the self-employed out of existence called IR35.

Changes in the labour market

Being an HGV driver is not a great job

One of the obvious effects of COVID-19 is that world wide people are ordering things to be delivered to their home rather than visiting shops and stores. E-Commerce and home delivery companies and booming and hiring a lot of people. A lot of professional drivers that were previously working as long distance lorry drivers are now choosing to work as local delivery drivers and why wouldn’t they? It’s a rational decision. The pay is better, there is no long separation from their family and the working conditions are a lot better. (A lot of roadside food and toilet facilities were closed during the pandemic).


A factor but by no means the whole story…
It’s definitely true that Brexit caused some EU citizens to return home but it was by no means the biggest factor. According to the UK government Office of National Statistics 6 million EU citizens applied to remain in the UK post Brexit of which 5.4 million applications have been processed.

Lockdown was probably a bigger factor than Brexit…most people would probably rather be under home arrest at home rather than a foreign country.


IR35 is a government initiative to encourage companies to employ PAYE employees rather than self employed “contractors”

Never make the mistake of joining with a “here’s the tell me about the problem” approach.

In your first week interim consulting try and meet as many people in the team as possible.

It’s important for you to get to know the team, and them to get to know you, so scheduling 30 minute interviews with each team member to ask the sort of questions below will very quickly create a picture of what you’re walking into.

week one


After the interviews an interesting exercise is to allocate any team member mentioned as a “star” in question 5. a +1 and any struggling team member mentioned in 6. a -1. Adding up all the scores will give a quick but surprisingly accurate team talent map.

Question 9. can also be used create a quick team “NPS” score.

At GRO.TEAM we like to end the first week of a new interim consulting assignment with a “Week One Playback” with the person that sponsored the appointment.

It’s a great opportunity to discuss the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) found so far and calibrate it against what the sponsor wants.

Be of value

Growth Services

add value

in any way you can

Remember to add value to your interim consulting client in any way you can as well. It’s not just about the goals. Doing things like sharing their job postings on LinkedIn, mentioning them in any interviews you do, retweeting their tweets, liking their Facebook page, and so on, all help.

Don’t “penny pinch” the client either. What “goes around comes around” so if taking a phone call or sending a quick email in non-client chargeable time helps solve a problem or keep momentum up then do it. You’ll be judged on your impact at the end of the day.

We help you get the perfect interims...

We can help you engage the Interim talent you need…quickly…with no fuss…wherever you need them…

The last thing to remember is

…to know when to move on

You know when you’ve achieved your interim consulting goals or hit the diminishing returns point on the value curve.

Don’t wait to be replaced.

Proactively suggest a new way to add value to the client if one is appropriate, or move on to your next interim consulting challenge with another successful engagement under your belt.


be of value

so there you have it

To make s success of interim consulting you need to chose the right role, deliver as much value as you can, and then move on as soon as you’ve delivered the necessary business impact.

We summarise it at GRO.TEAM with our motto of “Be Of Value”. If you do that at all times you will be successful.

Interim consulting be for everyone but if you get your sense of accomplishment from delivering business impact and enjoy variety and challenge then maybe it’s for you?

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