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GRO.TEAM Startup Agency Services Joined Up

GRO.TEAM joins up services traditionally found in Recruitment, Marketing and Interim agencies into a “one stop shop” as a Business Growth Agency for startups and established businesses that need to accelerate growth.

We help you to “Grow Yourself” via Mentoring and/or Business Coaching “Grow Your Team” via Interim  Services and/or Permanent Talent Recruitment Specialist and to “Grow Your Business” via Growth Hacking and/or Digital Marketing.

Why Startups Fail

Insufficient Market Need 90%
Run Out Of Cash 87%
Get Outcompeted 85%
Pricing/Cost Issues 78%
Poor Product 76%
Need/ Lack Business Model 73%
Poor Marketing 70%
Ignore Customers 67%
Lose Focus 66%
Pivot Gone Bad 63%
Disharmony In Team/Investors 61%
Lack Passion 59%
Bad Location 59%
No Financing/ Investor Interest 56%
Legal Challenges 53%
Don't Use Network/Advisors 51%
Burn Out 48%
Failure To Pivot 46%

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Startup Business Growth FAQ

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Organic Business Growth

Organic business growth is growth derived from selling more of your products ¦ services than the previous period under consideration. Some people call this “natural growth” or “internal business growth” as opposed to other types of growth, such as:

Strategic Business Growth

Generally business growth is broken down into what are called “The 4 Stages Of Business Growth”

Startup is pretty self explanatory…a startup is usually a new or small company but some companies never really make it out of the startup phase in culture or approach.

Growth also known as Scale Up or Scale Out. This is usually the most difficult stage of a company’s growth to navigate. During the startup phase a lot is accomplished by heroically working longer or harder but to scale a company during the scale out phase new Ways of Working have to be introduced. 

Many mistakes can be made when introducing new WoW during Scale Out…

  1. The new WoW aren’t actually new enough so the key players in the startup phase just get increasingly overloaded and start to constrain and then eventually stop company growth.
  2. The WoW are set up so the key players in the startup phase set themselves up as Single Points Of Failure in that everything must be agreed or signed-off by them personally. This is very inefficient and dis-empowering for the other people in the company who eventually become demotivated and leave the company forcing the WoW back to the “good old days” of the startup…
  3. The new WoW are too “big company” or bureaucratic which tends to be very ineffective and counter-cultural for the startup.

One way of successfully navigating the scale out stage is to bring in Interim talent from GRO.TEAM who have been there and done it for a number of companies at this stage.

All new processes introduced at this stage of the company’s life need to be just good enough to make things more predictable and repeatable with becoming part of the problem.

The acid test of new processes or procedures is “has it made things better overall?”…if not it needs to be revisited…

Maturity ¦ Decline again pretty self explanatory with decline being characterised as three quarters of negative profit “growth”.

Decline has to be addressed quickly to avoid the company going into a “death spiral” of lower confidence –> lower effort –> lower sales –> lower confidence and so on…

If you’re in this situation contact GRO.TEAM NOW…we have turned this situation around a number of times by improving the company’s Culture, Marketing, Product <–> Market fit, or all of these things…

Renewal the stage characterised as having successfully reversed a decline. It’s not easy to pull out of a decline but it can be done…

There are a number of ways of growing a business…

Sales and/or Marketing Led Growth are perhaps the usual way of delivering profitable business growth. At GRO.TEAM we are particularly effective at 

Product Led Growth

Facebook Advertising

SEO Services

PPC Services


There are a number of ways of growing and developing a business…

Sales and/or Marketing Led Growth are considered the standard ways of delivering profitable growth…

At GRO.TEAM we are particularly experienced at 

Product Led Growth

Facebook Advertising

SEO Services

PPC Services

Synonyms for Business Growth include Expansion, Organic Growth, Business Development, Biz Dev, Marketing, Commercial…and so on…

Startup Agency Reviews

"I would highly recommend GRO.TEAM they are very easy to deal with and can and will solve all of your startup agency challenges."
Business Growth Agency
Mona Kwok
“GRO.TEAM are helping us growth hack our brilliant new app to MVP and then mass market launch.They are the real deal and I’m so glad I’m working with them.”
Queenie Jacks
"GRO.TEAM really helped my Co Founder and I get to grips with the optimum Digital Marketing Strategy. Our products are great but we were struggling to get awareness until we working with GRO.TEAM."
Caroline Maitlin
Caroline Maitlin
CEO And Founder

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