To Be Successful Get A Mentor

There are no silver bullets in being successful in business but the data (and a lot of anecdotal evidence) shows that as well as bringing in the best possible talent (from naturally) the other critical thing you can do to maximise your chances of success is to get a mentor.

In the Leena Nair, Chief Human Resources officer at Unilever, says “women who are mentored have a higher chance of being appointed into senior roles”.

The Business Finance Taskforce set up a website to help SMB’s find a mentor here.

What is a mentor?


A mentor is someone willing to offer guidance, help, advice and support to make you as successful as possible in your professional life. The more applicable their experience is (and the better their inter-personal skills are) then more beneficial the relationship may prove to be. Mentoring can be conducted face-to-face ¦ phone ¦ hang out as little or often as suits the mentor and mentee.


What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?




  • Is normally part of a long term relationship. Getting the right mentor and mentee chemistry is critical.
  • Done 1:1 online ¦ face-to-face as often as works most effectively for the mentee and mentor
  • Can look at high level ¦ big picture issues and underlying enablers ¦ constraints




  • Can be time bound and for a fixed duration…whatever is needed by the mentee
  • Can be done in a group ¦ workshop setting with people facing similar challenges
  • Can focus more on short term challenges ¦ goals to set people up for success in the near term


A mentor might ask a mentee…


  • Tell me about what’s going well ¦ not so well for you at the moment
  • What would success look like now? what would success look like in three years?
  • What things are under ¦ out of your control? what is stopping you?
  • What was the last thing you learnt?
  • What is your plan?


How can you find the right mentor?


If you don’t know someone you can approach directly to be your mentor the next best thing is to talk to us at

We have a network of >50 successful people from all business sectors and stages and we will match you up individually with the perfect mentor for you.

Please give us a shout on 0800 246 5735 or

More detail on our newly formalised mentoring programme can be found here.


What do people say?

I’ve been working with an CTO coach and have really appreciated and valued their expert advice. I would definitely recommend them for technology business leaders who want to progress their career.

Mark Tindal Head of Integration and Development (at the time) KCOM


They are calling us the “Uber for talent” at because we provide interim talent where you need it, when you need it and only for as long as you need it…

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